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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I think its just me.....

Twas the night before vacation and all through the house no one was stirring EXCEPT ME!!!! The little ones asleep dreaming happy vacation thoughts while I was awake...hoping that I had thought of every situation where we might need SOMETHING! Heaven help us if for sixty seconds we didn't have exactly the right thing that we needed!

I for one just need to go on here saying that once I get to the pool, the lake, the shopping....that I will be fine...that I will enjoy myself. It's just the GETTING there that makes me crazy..and the coming back...the laundry, the shopping...and how in the world does the house get dirty when no one is there?? Seriously, how does that happen?

We Moms are crazy aren't we? The kids come to us asking how many outfits, exactly what they'll be doing...and we have the checklist for each child ready to go at a moments notice...and if that's not enough I check through each childs bag...except for the older two...I just can't do it anymore! The medicine bag, the swim bag, the food bag, the vitamin bag, the snack bag, the entertainment bag...seriously...how many bags does one need??

I find myself right now...well honestly...feeling a bit like..."let's just get this over with so I can get back home to my safe haven"...something about all of that makes me realize...perhaps someone should count the gifts...hmmmmmm?

Nuff said!

216. Beautiful June days...cool enough to wear a jacket...unheard of in the midwest.
217. Friends who watch your kids so you can run errands and THINK!
218. Freshly mowed grass
219. Chinese food brought home so no cooking needs to be done:) Thank you hubby!
220. Finding chips for my E made with no corn!!! YIPPEEEE!
221. The color blue
222. Warm showers
223. The chime of our clocks

Life moves quickly...I've heard from several people today that Trey grew while he was at camp last week...he now is taller than me:) I'm holding on tightly to time...but it goes so quickly...the tighter I hold the faster it goes...so...deep breath....got my "bags" check, got my "attitude" check, got my "vacation" attitude readjusted! NO matter if we get lost, who forgets what...please don't anyone get car sick this year again...please!

May His name be praised!

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