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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Laundry Room Organization

Now that I'm back from Vegas I needed to get my head straight...so I go back to what I know best....well...I try anyway......organization.

For the past month I have tried out a new system. I was tired of the laundry all over my bed and organized in piles. It felt like the laundry consumed us...it was depressing! Then I would put the laundry in nice neat piles in front of the children's door or on their steps (to the third floor) only to find that it was still there the next day...and the next...grrr! I wanted all laundry to be downstairs...the whole process...before...during...and after. So, this is what I developed:

Now, this summer we plan on painting down here and putting up more shelving..but hey..I like to keep it real so this is it...bare bones...sorry if my brick offends (not really):)

This is where the magic happens so to speak. I have a container for each person...parents together and Elisha and Sarah are together since they aren't here all the time. I also have one for household where all the towels, sheets etc go to.

This way the children are responsible for their baskets and take them to their room and put their clothes away and then suprisingly return their basket:) I of course take care of Ellianna's basket.

We have one and only one hamper located in the main bathroom on the second floor. The second or third child (depending on whose here) take the one basket downstairs each and every morning and sort them into the following bin:

Then a beautiful Queen (that would be me) takes care of the laundry that is made from six people and a dog that live here..and two guineas..oh... and two frogs:)

I also make my own laundry soap and like to keep the ingredients in pretty containers...cause I like things that are perty you see:)

Anyway, that is what is working for us in the laundry department!

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  1. I love the brick! I make my own detergents also. It has seriously saved us SO much money! =) Hope you're back in the groove again soon.