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Monday, June 13, 2011

Organizing a 11 year old boy's room

This was a challenge and one that I knew would took me awhile. I've been planning this for awhile and had all storage containers bought beforehand. From start to finish this took me four hours. I'm a bit tired...so I thought a little break would be good:)

First the problem: no organization whatsoever. The room was a mess constantly. I had to purge the room and put it into categories. My son T is interested in the following:
1. He loves to read
2. Loves beyblades
3. Loves legos
4. Loves music, computer games, video games.
5. Nerf guns of course!

He also is involved in boy scouts, awana, and various sports. There had to be a specific place for everything...not just an "idea". It had to be specific.

So here are the problems before we started:

Can anyone else relate to the mass confusion of this room??? Oh my WORD!

Oh, I've been looking for that vacuum attachment...silly me...should of looked in T's room!

and this is of course the most interesting thing I found....a rock...hanging up...yep!

Four hours later, and two trashbags full of forgotten junk...a labelmaker helper which turned into a school lesson as we spelled together and said all the letters the labels made....

Here's the end result:

First thing I did was completely take everything out of the closet and get rid of all trash. Then I put all games, and music in separate containers and labeled accordingly. I also made a separate container for his beyblades. I also had a separate cardboard flat box that containes all his "memories" like I laminated certain papers...he was photographed in the artscape magazine last year so that's in there....certain awards from awanas etc. This way...he has a place to put the next ones.

There were two frames buried that we had received from a missionary all the way from Africa made out of banana leaves. They don't go with his room but they certainly look awesome in his closet.

The blue and red shelves in the cubicles hold all things lego. The shelves hold awards from awana and derby. The basket holds library books by his bed.

It was hard to show you but I did get hanging drawers which look awesome. put jeans and sweashirts and church clothes put together so its easier for him to match:)

On the back of the door I made the shoe holder a hat holder and let just a few things like boy scout stuff and pens be in the holders. Before this was to hold things like games etc. but it wasn't working and he was putting everything in there. Some of this was him being lazy but the rest was me not putting a plan into place for him to help him be organized.

In case you don't think kids can learn to be organized my E who is four made a mess of her room. I told her to go upstairs and put her things away in the right containers. She did...she put everything away where it needed to go! It can be done....the key is purging and not making them be a "slave" to to much stuff....which is a lesson we are constantly learning!

AHHHHHH! Now I think that I will go open the closet door and stare at its organized bliss some more:)

Have a GREAT day!


  1. Yes children can be organized, you just need a place for everything. Basically like items with like items. Containers for everything and a place to keep it. If you don't they just put it anywhere...same concept for adults. Most people don't have enough containers or places to put everything so they just pile things up and then they can't find anything. I always believe that if you have a place for it you will always find it. But then again I'm more organized than others. Some I'm working on getting more organized.

  2. LOL! I love that you found the vacuum attachment! That was my favorite! ;) Awesome idea to get Ellie to help!