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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pantry Organization

I tried this out about four months ago and wanted to let you all know how its going. I'm in an organizing mood since three out of four children are getting ready to go to camp next week and I can PURGE without whining:)

So, here is the pantry....I will only say that if it isn't pretty...its not going to work. I try and make our food and snacks...look pretty, make sense...this will be different for each family. I also think great organization is not found in lots of money with expensive containers (even though I go nutso over cute containers) but using what you can and what you already have and then making that space work for you.

Some of you have huge pantries and as I said before I'm green with envy for one of those. My house is a hundred years old....there isn't a panty...so I work with what I have...and its still working for us:)

When you open my kitchen door to the basement this is what you see...its much better now thank you very much!

I divided the snacks, breakfast, etc in containers so that the kids and their friends could find what they needed much easier...and I didn't buy things I didn't need!

So, I still have the second pantry shelving at the bottom of the stairs which is still working well also. I would be interested in knowing what works for you all as well!

Have a great day!

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  1. I was just reading over your pantry organizing. You have done a great job. Your space so describes he "pantry" that my parents had in their 100 year old home. They also had a "pantry/cellar" at the bottom of the stairs. Unfortunately their home burned to the ground about 10 years ago and when they rebuilt they designed the home themselves and have one of those HUGE pantries that everyone would love to have. Don't go to such extremes to get those things - it's not worth it :)
    Keep us the great articles and ideas.