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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunny Sundays

I trust your weekend was sunny and full of good memories...

My E and I got to take a long awaited trip to one my favorite places in town called Kat and Co. They had a blacktop sale in which many vendors came and set up in their parking lot. The weather was fabulous and E is now old enough to go on these adventures with me which made me quite happy. I made some interesting finds and one suprise...a guinea pig cage (they are quite happy in their much bigger space.

List of gifts continues
154. Holding new baby

157. Seeing my son nervous and excited about Boy Scout camp...still looking small next to the "bigger" boy scouts.

158. Time alone with E finding new finds..

165. Wire baskets found with dust that fit all my beloved kitchen books perfectly!

166. 3 kids packed and ready for camp:)

159. Laughter with teenage girls

167. Popsicle time and alone time with E

161. Friends whose daughter survived car accient.
162. Dog clean from groomer
155. Kissing niece and baby who survived tornado
156. Laughing with family.
157. Watermelon and strawberries
160. Pumpkin choc chip muffins
163. Dishwasher that works.

Right now I am worried...listing the gifts help to put that worry in perspective. I can't make the levy hold that will cause grief and loss of property for so many around here. I can't "make" my friends daughter who survived a car accident better immediately...and I can't help a friend who has a difficult day tomorrow go smoothly...but God can..and He will...He will work it all out for His good...even the boy at boy scout camp who has a mother who isn't sure he's warm enough tonight...I so wish I had made him take that extra blanket:)and I really hope that it doesn't rain all week!

May His name be praised!

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