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Friday, June 24, 2011

This Moment

My heart aches....I'm tired of seeing people in turmoil and pain. There seems to be chaos and heartbreak everywhere I turn lately. I know that God is there even in the midst of it all. I feel Him, I see Him work...but still I wonder...why so much suffering?

In suffering I realize that we learn more, become better people, stick closer to the things that matter, count the blessings, rely on one another, love one another, grateful for all things...even the littlest of blessings.

In my own life...there seems to be worry, and fear..trouble and torment. Nothin horrible going on...just life in general. I have children who are "good" children but doing things they shouldn't. How do I teach a good work ethic, how do I teach them not to gossip, to rely on God, to have a soft heart...I feel that I'm failing in so many areas. As we go on vacation I dread the whining, the selfishness, the mean words....yes, I'm being real...our family when we go on vacation its no picnic! I have two teenage girls who are ridiculously picky, I have an 11 yr old boy whose lot in life is to make those two girls lives miserable by just picking at them but lacks the "sarcasm" to "seal the deal". I have a four year old who is in the "prime" of learning to obey. Now before you think my children are horrible...they are not...after a couple of days of getting used to each other and removing as much of the outside world as possible...aka facebook....our family can be seen laughing, getting along..and having a wonderful time....its just....getting to that point! Why am I sharing this with you? I guess because I need encouragement, and prayer. Raising chidren is harder than it was when I was growing up. We didn't have cell phones, ipods, facebook, computer games, laptops, games that could interact with others that you don't know. There are so many things to keep on top of and check on. I find myself wishing we lived in the jungle of somewhere where no facebook, computer was allowed....and we could relish in the silence...in the wonder...of the simple things.

As I get ready to take my vacation and all the bad(the car sickness, the fights among siblings, the whining)may there be good...conversations about life and what God has done in our lives, memories that they will look back on fondly....time with family....whether its yelling or fighting or hugging or hitting....family vacations...hoping they will remember the good not the bad.

My sister and I were eight years apart and my lot in life was to make hers miserable. I wanted her to play with me but all she would play with were dumb ol barbies. So, my little ol self would take her barbies...and write all over them! Yes, I did....and laughed about it....I know, I was a horrible child! Even though she and I fought a lot....we still laugh about camper trips, her driving the car on family vacations (scary) and the time I fell out of the camper and she didn't even CARE! Yep, in the middle of the night....MOm asked her what that noise was and she felt around on the bed and said I wasn't there....thankfully my parents found me outside...STILL ASLEEP! Thank you my dear sister for your concern! So, you see....memories.....now I laugh....then I cried.

Happy summer vacation all!

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