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Monday, July 11, 2011


Many of you know the struggles that I have had with my E over the past two years with her allergies. After her first year of life with constant ear infections and not speaking...I finally switched pediatricians and went to one that sent us to our ENT which put ear tubes in and since then we have had progress with speech! This is also our first summer where she can learn to put her head in the water. Even though we wore ear plugs and a band around her head to hold them in place when she was in the water...she was still encouraged to NOT put her head under the water. I cannot tell you what joy filled my heart as I have watched her swim and so excited to fully enjoy a water park!

WE have dealt with stares from people wondering what was wrong with her. I have gotten used to carrying ear plugs with me EVERYWHERE! Truly you cannot imagine how awesome it is to give her a bath with no plugs and to let her get in the pool without constantly checking to make sure they didn't fall out. I know that there are worse things....but truly we were so happy when the ENT gave the go ahead!

As many of you know..even with this problem fixed we have struggled with her health. Going back and forth between the ENT and the pediatrician on what's wrong with her. Finally, the ENT declared she had asthma trigged by colds so she was placed on Allegra and nasonex and saline...and we did this everyday according to the directions given to us. Still, I felt that THERE had to be something MORE! So, our pediatrician wanted us to wait to hear from our ENT on allergy testing. Our ENT did not want us to do so...because he thought it to painful and the results to unclear at such a young age...so...I went back to who helped me out with Trey...and the results are QUITE interesting!

We went to our chiropracter. He believes in natural enzymes which have been taken from our food which is causing the allergies that we all are putting in our food. If you don't believe me I even talked to my vet about this because our dog even has allergies...he said its because of the food that they make for dogs now...seriously....they even put GRAVEL in the food now!

So, E's test results? She is allergic to corn! When I heard that I groaned! EVERYTHING has corn in it! I have to tell you we have been cutting her back more and more for almost two months now and she's breathing better...no medication of any sort...and biggest is her behavior! She actually got a EXCELLENT from her dance teacher. She's not a bad kid...she just couldn't sit still...seriously...its like someone put literal ants in he pants. I would watch her completely biting my nails praying she wouldn't misbehave! Her attention is better and she just sems to feel better. The most interesting thing is she's not constantly WANTING to eat! Lest you think I allowed her junk constantly I didn't...but it wasn't until I became a label reader did I realize just how many things have corn syrup or some sort of CORN in it!

Tonight at the store they had Tropicana juice for just a buck....nope....corn syrup. Applesauce....most kinds...corn syrup! Fruit snack, chips, all candy (duh), pop, icee's, seriously...it takes me an hour to go shopping. Even sherbert, ice cream. Luckily for us there have been many to go before us so there are more organic choices. She no longer craves fruit snacks like she did before. I can tell instantly what has corn syrup in it that I'm not sure about as soon as I give it to her...she hogs it and sucks or gulps it competely dry before anyone else can get to it.

So, we have about a month before her usual symptoms start up again...so we are hopeful that this year will be better and that I will be able to attend church this winter...praying that this is the answer. In the meantime...for those with kids with allergies...I officially feel your pain...SORTA!

We are hopeful that this is the answer and that her quality of life during the winter months will be much improved and not spend in hibernation!

Thanks for your prayers!

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