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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Bloggers Prayer

If you would have told me that I would start a blog a year ago I would have laughed at you. If you would have told me that people actually read it...I would have been even more shocked. However, as its almost been a year since the first time I decided to venture out and start this adventure I thought I should celebrate. So, here I am celebrating.....yeah...not a big party eh?

I will not tell you that having a blog isn't frustrating and sometimes depressing. Going for months without anyone commenting on anything you write but complete strangers visiting your blog can be a bit depressing. However, many times I've wanted to hit the delete button and just "take my blog and go home."

Do I write for the "praise of men"? Do I have a blog so that I can feel good about myself with how many people are "followers?" What exactly is my purpose?

Many of you that faithfully read my blog are very private...and you tell me privately the things that you appreciate that I write and how much God has been working on your heart at the same time He has been working on mine. I tuck those compliments away and pull them out on days when I don't feel so "appreciated."

I have learned that I am who I am....I am special only because God created me. I fail, I mess up, I am humbled by His grace to me...and I'm learning to let go of fear.

Tonight as I was picking up my children's friends and my own from VBS God gave me a special "gift" that had I not been reading Anne's book "one thousand gifts" I would have just glossed over...not really taking in the moment. However, I recognized the moment for the gift that it was and took it in and closed my eyes and really "enjoyed" the moment. Around 40 or so children..my E included singing "Lord I lift Your Name on High" complete with motions being led by two women that I call my dear friends. Now, don't get me wrong...a little bit of embarrassment followed as I had to grab my E who thought that the circle they formed to sing the last couple of songs meant that she could RUN around it...no worries...Mommy is fast you see. I decided to embrace the moment of the gift that God had given me and enjoy it and remember it.

As I write my daily things to you all...whether its cooking, cleaning, homeschool, clowning or just babbling...may I focus on the reason of the blog...not to receive the approval of man....(don't get me wrong...comments and followers are nice) but my sole purpose?? May it always be to keep doing what He has commanded me to do....no matter how "popular" I am....or not.

May His name be praised!

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