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Monday, July 11, 2011

Blue Chair and School Desk

So this week I'm tackling projects like crazy and it FEELs so GOOD!

First up, this chair...it hold sentimental value for my husband and his sisters...it is the chair that their Dad sat in while he worked on clocks at his shop. The first time I re-did it my sister-n-law cried....not because of what I did but because she was happy to see it again and all the memories she had of her Dad.

So, this time it had been black...and I needed to change it up. So first, I gave it a coat of primer.

Then I just coated the chair...I love the details in this chair....this chair is very heavy...I love it!

Then I gave it a coat of this...

I have always loved blue...always...its my son's favorite color also...don't tell anyone though...he'll change his mind. I recently changed some things up in my kitchen which really got me inspired to put blue throughout my home!

I found this at a black top swap at one of my favorite stores here! I adore it!

So, then I changed a couple more things in the kitchen....

Then, I saw a blog the other day and that gave me an idea! Last year, I had a friend that was moving and she gave me this....

We loved it! However, I just wasn't "feeling it". So...I was inspired to create this!

I then used chalkboard paint for the desk top and I put it in my kitchen...gives me that pop of blue I wanted and also practical...my E is excited about writing on her "chalk desk"

So, I guess your curious about the chair? Turned out lovely and is sitting at the top of my stairs on the second floor! It says "come sit here" doesn't it!

Have a happy day!!!

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