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Monday, July 18, 2011

A Break

I sat in church yesterday....annoyed....at everyone....at everything...no reason....I love these people that sit in these chairs...that have helped me in life...but there I sat annoyed.

Since January I have been taking the journey with one thousand gifts. I am amazed at the changes in life...but as soon as my Pastor's wife asked me to share with the women of our church the amazing book that I love and give to just about everyone I meet...Satan put his nasty grip on me. It started before we went on vacation with something I lost very precious. Then, when we returned around five to six things went wrong...annoying things...not horrible...just annoying.

My husband then went on a missions trip with his two oldest girls and I stayed at home which really I prefer, I got quite a lot done and have some quality time with my children. My children went to VBS and my son went to I-Serve. Everyone in our family seemed to be on a spiritual mountaintop....except me....I was annoyed...don't know why...just annoyed, almost angry....at life...no reason...just had the blahs.

Finally, I believe that it has to do with the constant state of my life of media. My phone, my facebook and even my blog....seriously...I'm amazing that I get done what I get done with all these distractions. So, I'm taking a break from facebook. I'm taking my "following" list off of my blogger....not because I don't want anyone following me...but because its turned into a "contest" with myself of who is following and how many comments are made? Seriously, am I in highschool again? How many people signed my yearbook done media style? Is this what God had me start this blog for? How many people "follow me" How many people "comment"? It's ridiculous! There are so many things that I need to do besides facebook....don't get me wrong...I've been able to keep up with friends and what they are going through. I think media is a good things when used in the proper way and not when it becomes an obsession.

I've told my son that he won't have facebook for awhile. We already took away cable for over a year in our home and frankly...we really don't miss it. We do have netflix so my children can watch shows instantly on our tv through our wii remote but cable...don't have and its lovely. Now, I'm going to take the facebook challenge and tweak some things on my blog.

My time is better spent with homeschooling my children the way I want to, serving in other ministries for our church and helping those who need it.

So, if you don't see me on facebook that is why...and if your confused on why I took down my followers...its again...nothing personal.

I've become someone I'm not happy with. Change is needed!

May His name be praised!

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