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Friday, July 15, 2011

Chalk Wall and Desk

So, my husband comes home tonight after being gone for eight days. We have never been apart for that long and yes I missed him especially at night...but boy oh boy did I accomplish a ton...

So, after I put a pool, painted two pieces of furniture and cleaned out two freezers and a fridge and organized a million things that I've been putting off I got to thinking....hmmmm

So about 1am I decided to get painting...perhaps not the best time but I think it turned out awesome!

Before I truly like the chalkboard spray paint...but after using this...I'm a fan. Black paint is difficult to use being a dark color but well worth the effort...

Now we can write E's Bible verse for the week on our chalkboard wall....I'm quite excited about all the possibilities!


  1. You are so brave. I've thought about doing this on one of the walls in my boys' bedroom. They share a room and I've sort of divided it...half sleeping area, half play area. The play area half has a whole wall with nothing on it and I thought of only doing a portion of the wall for them to be able to draw on but dread the thought of the constant chalk dust.

  2. Robin, The last house we lived in was a teeny tiny three bedroom ranch...I put chalkpaint on the closet doors of the kids room...wrote their chores on it...how much allowance they got...countdown to fun things happening...its def worth it. They also have magnetic paint so you could do half chalk...but a divider on the wall and the other magnetic...just a thought:)