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Friday, July 8, 2011


This morning I rose early....to send three out of my house for a journey to help others....I lay half-unconscious on the couch...spouting off reminders like a drunken woman in and out of consciousness..."did you get your phone and charger?" "Don't forget your blanket and pillow!" "You packed a jacket just in case right?" You see I'm NOT a morning person...this week you will find me awake and working on projects until 2am...but ask me to get up at 5am and go running with you...and I will nod at you with my eyes big and rolling....this body has NEVER operated that way! However, I wanted to send my family out with all they needed for the week....if they forget...its my fault you see. It all comes back to the Mom.

Motherhood...it came as a suprise for me...it came three months after my husband and I started trying. People told us a year...it came three months...and nine months later...my heart started walking around outside of me...and then it happened again when my E was born seven years later.

Yesterday I realized as I started singing with my E...that she didn't know a Bible song I sang in church all the time...my mind became frantic...oh dear...what kind of mother am I that my daughter doesn't know "I'm in the Lord's army!" Fret not, she now is singing it everywhere.

There are so many things to teach our children...and it is up to us...the Mothers...to make sure that they hear it, they know it..they understand it. Why do we believe what we believe? Why do we live the way we do? Why do we go to serve others and spread His love? Why?

My husband's oldest leaves us next year...his second oldest will be with us three more years and my boy...he goes to youth group in one more year...and I told my shocked husband that our E now goes to children's church...no more nursery tags...I hope they let me keep it. I think I cried more about her going to children's church than when her crib was sold and went in a car down the street.

This week I have the opportunity to have my two children all to myself. We are planning on doing some really fun things...but time...time...time...do you hear it ticking away. Every morning my E wakes up and I look at her and say "Did you grow overnight?" She tapped me on the shoulder yesterday...already she's that big. My T is as tall as me..he no longer asks me to get things down for him...and I frantically try to hold on to this time...to teach them all they need to know..to prepare them for life outside our protective gates.

I ask for prayer for our children as they are off ministering this week with our church...I ask for prayer as I steer my children through this life..and I shall pray for you as well.

Motherhood...a perfect blessing that never ends.

May His name be praised!

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