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Friday, July 8, 2011


I orginally got this idea from moneysavingmom.com but my results were different from hers I'm sad to say.

First of all I used Dove soap because that is what I use to do my homemade laundry soap and all that left for me to buy was glycerin which was around $2 and a container to store it in which was around $5.

So, my first failure was:

Dove soap...I believe just using a regular bath soap is not going to work.

Here is the original recipe

1. Grate bar of soap using one cup of soap flakes
2. 10 cups of water
3. 1 tbsp of glycerin
4. combine in large pot put on medium heat and stir. It literally took a minute for this to melt.
5. Then, allow to cool completely
6. Put in jars and store excess in container

So here is how it went with the Dove Soap

I made this last night and it was soooo runny. Smells fabulous but is major runny...reminds me of my childhood and I hated that handsoap!

Soooo....I tried a finer soap. I don't know what makes we as women so attached to our pretty bars of soap. This bar of soap I bought at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island and I kid you not it is as old as my oldest child! He is 11 by the way! Was I ever going to use this soap? NOOOOO! Yes, same original container, five moves, two children and yes....the soap came with me...seriously WHY?????

So, I did the same recipe and I was excited even the soap flakes looked better!

I started this at 8 and was done by 8:15. I let it cool but ALAS! SAME result! I was sooo bummed!

So, I added another tbsp of glycerin and let it sit for another two hours and I'm thrilled to say it turned out GORGEOUS darling!

This is the container that I store it in. I have the Dove handsoap sitting with another tbsp of glycerin (as we speak, or write...)I'm trying to revive it. If I can't then I will just use it for a body wash for E since she has very sensitive skin!

So, I believe you MUST use a very high grade soap to get this to turn out unless you don't mind watery....I personally HATE watery. I know that TJ Maxx has gorgeous Caswell Masey soaps on sale all the time and I wonder how Bath and Body's soaps would do? (do they even sell those anymore)?

Anyway, the glycerin was maybe $2, the soap I already had and I just got a container to hold the excess and I can't get over how much this made!

Have a great day and would LOVE to hear how it works out for you all!



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