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Monday, July 18, 2011


My first day without facebook...easy and hard. I filled it with things that matter for eternity...with things that will last. I filled it with making memories....for others.

222. New freckles on E's face
223. Swim time in our pool with my E. The smell of suntan lotion and chlorine.
224. Hot buffalo chicken sandwiches made for our 17 yr old bday girl...her request...she loves that I make them...and I will miss her next year....so I make them.
225. T getting his first 3 merit badges for boy scouts--so proud.
226. E singing deep and wide
227. Me--giving up facebook to experience more of what life is for...not making me more spiritual...realizing something that consumes me more than it should.
228. Recognizing I need friends...perhaps I need to be a better one first.
229. Not focusing on the date that today is...letting the Almighty control my destiny and not questioning it.
230. Finally realizing and hearing the Savior say to me...."You have filled your heart and life with things that have taken your eyes from me." and doing something "radical" to change it.
231. The color turquoise...I have always loved it...I'm finally embracing it!

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  1. We left facebook about a year ago. The first few days were difficult, but to be honest, it forced our friends to have face to face, actual conversations with us...which is always more enjoyable! We just graduated our sons from home school. Now, to begin another chapter. Have a blessed week.