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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My attitude of gratitude!

So, I look in the bulletin on Sunday and see my name....startles me every time. It makes me sound so amazing...that I will be sharing with the ladies of the church a book that I adore...and has taught me so much...and here I was...in the midst of a great testing...how deep is my attitude of gratitude?

On our return from our vacation last Thursday we have had the firemen come to put out the fire that was in my electrical pole holding my all important transformer which exploded into flames also and then had to be replaced and while waiting we of course had no power. I lost something very vauluable...I had my air conditioner break and my washing machine...AND yesterday my gracious neighbor noticed fluid coming from my van..which I might add was BRAKE fluid and just a reminder we were in the hills of Branson, and a highway and it could have been so tragic and because I never notice things car related if I would not have had to wait on our washing machine repairman all day yesterday I would have been out running errands in that mini van.

Yesterday, I read the authors blog of the book I adore and she was saying to write down the gifts that the FAther gives us whether they are good or bad because we cannot accept His gifts if only they are bad but whatever He choses to give us...whether they are broken washing machines...or power poles on fire...it says in ALL things give thanks.

So here is my list for the past few days and my spin on TRYING to make it positive...

1. Broken washing machine--making me humble myself and ask for...gulp...help from someone else to do my dirtiest, stinkiest laundry ever!
2. Broken air conditioner-reminds me of my childhood when all we had was a fan:) and we had to walk uphill in the snow of course:)
3. Electrical pole on fire and blown transformer-appreciating our fire department and our electrical company who had us up in running in a littleover an hour.
4. Broken down mini van-thankful our neighbor noticed brake fluid, thankful that God protected us in the hills of Branson, thankful that the repairman yesterday was running late so I stayed at home all day, thankful that we were protected while I had Trey's friend and my children in the van coming back from church...thankful, thankful, thankful...
5. Last but not least....thankful for my lost treasure---I realize how much it means to me.
6. This one is really the last one...thankful for laughter...because when the dishwasher rack came off today...that's all I could do is laugh..

and continuing my gifts of gratitude

207. My E got an "Excellent" job from her dance teacher this morning.
208. Tow truck driver was interesting to watch how he used the emergency brake to move my mini van
209. My hairdresser is still able to get me in today....despite all my drama.
210. We still have some summer left:)
211. Our house is nice and cool.
212. I'm able to wash and dry my clothes:)
213. and I love AAA-yep! I really do...worth every penny!

Enjoy summer! Laugh at yourself! Remember that God is in control all the time!

aaah! That's better isn't it?

May His name be praised!

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