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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sense of Humor?

There are days that having a sense of humor comes in handy. There are days that being a literal "clown" is a really good thing. THEN there are the days that I not only don't want to clown, I don't want to laugh...I don't see the humor and I'm very much in a very bad mood.

Take my air for example....its now not working very well...I'm worried now that something is REALLY wrong with it. Take my washing machine....we women know that that is the one appliance that we hope DOES NOT break down....and take the wonderful POWER that we all enjoy...when its gone...we can think of nothing else. Yesterday as I was sitting in my hot house with my children and watching the KCPL guys hard at work in the heat....praying the power to come on...I just came thinking...PLEASE don't leave without my power being restored! I was so happy when it was that I RAN outside and yelled like a crazy woman "THANK YOU SOO MUCH!" I'm sure they were like..."ok lady!" Seriously, as soon as the power came back on and my house was a hot 82 degrees I became the energizer bunny with renewed energy. I kept thinking...."I just went grocery shopping and all my food is melting" Inside I felt like screaming for my melting food! PLEASE don't melt...please come on power! In case your wondering why I was in such a panic we buy half a cow every year and a pig....that's a lot of meat and even though half of the meat we have gone through....there is still a bit in my freezer that would make me weep quite a bit if we lost it!

So, did my sense of humor come into play when we got back home from our week long vacation and I had no air, and no washer....when I had to give my nasty disgusting laundry to a friend, when I finally went shopping alone only to come home to firemen and my neighbor telling me my power pole was on fire and my transformer was to? Did I start laughing? Oh yes...the kind of laugh that everyone starts backing away from because the person is going insane and they all know it. The kind of person that then starts crying because its truly so ridiculous how many things have gone wrong when we have only been back for a milisecond!

No, I did not have the reaction that I crave myself to have....I actually "lost" it....which was not helpful to anyone at all.

So, now as I sit in my house that's a little balmy....praying that the air conditioner problem will be resolved soon...praying that on Tuesday my washing machine will be fixed...I think...these things...so little...so minor...and this is my reaction?

My children are safe, my home is standing, and my home is not flooded....I have no reason at all....to react the way that I did. Was it understandable? Absolutely! Being in a car with four kids and a GPS that kept going crazy the entire trip was ENOUGH! Why is it that the little things send me over the edge so quickly?

When will I learn to use my sense of humor?

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