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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk and Tye Dye Shirts

Hope your having a great summer! This week I actually have a quieter house so I decided to let my two children have their friends over and its HOT HOT HOT! So, we are very grateful that we have a pool...not a huge one but big enough that even Mom can get in and feel refreshed!

After the kids went swimming for awhile I decided to make homemade sidewalk chalk with E and her little friend! THEY LOVED IT! I got the idea from makingmemorieswithyourkids.blogspot.com She has absolutely the coolest ideas....and cheap...LOVE that!

So first here is what you need to make it happen!

There is no measuring of the plaster of paris...you just add water...you want it a little thicker than pancake batter...then you add the tempera paint

We had to add a lot of paint to get the desired color but they had fun stirring!

Then we put it in the molds and let it set. It sets up pretty quickly!

Then we just let it dry...its RIDICULOUSLY humid here right now so that is taking a little while...other than that the girlies were THRILLED and I used it and it worked quite well! The recommendation I would give would be to make these thick so that little hands can hold on to them better! All supplies for the project were bought at Michaels and I woud say the whole tag was $10 and I have a TON of plaster of paris left which we will use for other projects. She also suggested using toilet paper rolls for a mold for chalk sticks like you buy at the store putting foil at the bottom...but we wanted hearts...so that's what we did.

Last thing we did was to make tye dye shirts. YOu can buy these kits anywhere and the shirts are ALWAYS on sale. They had a deal going on at Michaels for 5 shirts for $10. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby when they were having a 50 percent off sale...and I bought the kit half off as well. They are easy and kids of all ages LOVE them! I have four kids walking around with these shirts on today! They were so excited about wearing them!

Today, find me a bit exhausted. I'm getting projects done and my kids are involved in VBS and I-Serve this week. A good and fun week....today I'm working on more projects and cleaning....later a swim with my E...all alone...she's quite excited about that!

Have a great day and stay cool!

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