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Friday, July 1, 2011

Vacation 2011

Do you ever wonder what lessons the Lord is trying to teach you? Its so obvious at times that He's trying to teach me patience, acceptance and flexibility that I almost want to yell out loud "I GET IT THANK YOU!"

My vacation memories as a child run deep. My family went camping and I loved it. To me it was as awesome as Christmas. We had a pop up camper and MOm made pancakes for breakfast or biscuits and gravy. We had fish and hushpuppies. I loved watching my Dad clean the fish...the way the scales would look like rainbows while the water ran and the sun shown. I was burned half the time and had huge bug bites...but I didn't care....I loved the water...I loved the canoe...and I loved riding the motorcycle with my Dad. As a parent...I so hope that I'm making memories like that for my children.

This vacation did not go as planned...there was a lot of flexibility involved. Rain was definitely the enemy in the beginning....and the whining...and the arguing. The trip started off with my losing something very valuable....that sent me off in a bad mood from the beginning. THEN, we saw my niece and her sweet baby who survived the tornado...and then went to see Joplin in person....

My son enjoyed swimming with the "wonder dog" Lou who was literally sucked out of the garage along with the sofa and my neice's flip flops. My husband and I both were overcome with the magnitude of the damage. It was so vast...we could not get over it.

We enjoyed kissing on Zeke...and what a miracle it is that he and his whole family survived the storm. The Lord so protected our family!

We enjoyed eating custard, swimming and riding a motorcycle with Aunt Terri.

Then it was time for shopping at Osage Beach! We were supposed to go to a waterpark but the rain interfered so...more shopping...then the two younger ones were about to go insane so we went to Miner Mike's....that was so fun to watch E as she has gotten so good at climbing and sliding...

Then it was on to the lake....this was also so much fun to watch our children. We are amazed at how quickly T is growing...how brave E was and very aware that my husband's oldest will be going to college next year.

We enjoyed Sue's lake, eating chicken nachos, feeding the fish and geese our fries....sigh....so peaceful.

Then we got to do a bunch of firsts for our E. She went down waterslides all by herself and drove a go cart all by herself....last year she screamed the ENTIRE time. It was so much fun this year with her....watching her excitement at doing new things!

In case you think our vacation was perfect let me assure you...we dealt with fights...and a vomit smelling van. We also came home to a broken air conditioner which is now running and our house is down to 80 degrees:) I also had three huge loads of clothes and our washer decided it was not up to the challenge and quit...(repairman not to be seen for four days) and last but not least after I got groceries today got home to find the fire department here. Our transformer pole was shooting flames and our transformer blew up! So.....no power for a little over an hour! I am happy to say....power is restored....I have an amazing friend who did my laundry....and it seems that all just might actually be well.

So, no matter what happens on vacation....I will take the good and try to forget the bad...because one day I won't remember any of that....just how fun it was to watch E try to steer the go cart for the first time...and just how old my T looked on the tube this year....and how we went to a college that my oldest stepdaughter can see herself at next year. The years are flying....it won't be long and it will all be a distant memory.

May His name be praised!

We also enjoyed swimming together and relaxing!

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