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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Accidental BodyWash

Sorry its been so long since I've posted but my hubby has been sick for over a week ad now I have this wonderful coughing, hacking, lovely thing....BUT I can still do SOME things....like decorating my house for fall...and almost done with the prep work for my preschooler....lots of laminating and things for her....oddly I'm ready for my sixth grader...he's actually wanting to start on a couple of subjects EARLY which makes my heart smile!

So, once upon a time I was trying to make hand soap and hit a couple of bumps in the road but then discovered bodywash...since then I've happened upon a few more of you doing the same thing...not accidentally but with positive results so I have decided to do it also. For that lovely post you can click on the link here:

I have to tell you as we all learn to save money in this economy I am beginning to feel a lot like my parents must have felt. I used to make fun of them...my mother would save slivers of soap, and aluminum foil, ziploc bags and instead of saving things in perfect plastic containers she would put them in things she had...mason jars etc. I believe that our generation will be the "new" generation as far as being the first to go back to that...and WHY NOT? It makes me sick thinking of all the money that I've wasted!!!!

So, here goes! My son loves AXE and was not to thrilled that we were NOT going to be buying the body wash..... so I let him go a sniffing and pick out the bar soap he liked best and he decided that this one was the one he could "live" with:

I will also tell you that these 8 bars of soap were on sale for $4.50! YEPPERS! that's a HUGE savings!

First grate your soap!

THEN put your grated soap into the boiling water....remove from heat... add one tbsp of glycerin....if your soap has glycerin...if not ADD 2 TBSP. Glycerin can be found in the pharmacy aisle of your local yucky Wal-mart....or in the soap making section of your glorious, lovely, clean, friendly and FABULOUS Hobby Lobby (just my humble opinion) sadly I have not been able to find it in my fantastic Target...sniff...sniff.

....then add 8 more cups of warm water...continue stirring for the next couple of hours. I let mine set up all night and this morning it is a lovely texture. Even my husband thought it was a GREAT idea! Now I will store them in HUGE mason jars and save the plastic containers of our old body wash and just refill them....no one HAS to know eh????

Then store in containers the children think are the real thing:) .....and enjoy the SAVINGS!!!!! and avoid the WHINE!!!! now insert your evil laugh here(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) Yeppers! I'm on too much cold medicine!

Meanwhile, I have it in this glorious glass container...which is a GALLON container by the way...do the math...its RIDICULOUS the savings!


  1. First part of the directions says to grate the soap in boiling water but it doesn't say how much water?!

  2. In the link I had in the beginning of the post it had the directions on it...sorry:( start with 10 cups of water. I would also say that I have learned since making this to use an emmersion blender to help with the thick consistency....otherwise it kinda feels like snot...a thick snot I guess...rather yucky actually....the emmersion blender helps with that!

  3. Thanks for the post. My craptastic Wal-Mart didn't have glycerine. We got ours at Walgreens near the skin care aisle on a prescription run. Just in case =)

  4. So just to be clear...Do you start with 2 cups and then add 8 more for a total of 10? Or do you start with 10 and let it boil, mix everything in and add 8 more?

  5. just want to know does it really lather up or is it snotty brcause if it is snotty my husband will not use it

  6. it also does not say how many bars of soap to grate to the 10 cups of water

  7. If you use the hand held blender than it will have a better consistency. I would do a small batch to make sure. I don't make this anymore due to the fact that I save more money using coupons but I would use one bar of soap add the glycerin and let it sit and then keep using the hand held mixer. I put ten cups of water in and then added the rest...I had to look back at what I had done because its been awhile.