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Monday, August 15, 2011

Goo and Hard Boiled Eggs

So, some of you are starting school tomorrow...I know my stepdaughters are...and they are NOT very happy about it....we are starting...the day after labor day...if it makes you feel better we don't take half days...since that seems to be something that the local public school does here quite regularly!

ANYWAY, this week is supposed to rain all week and with the heat that we have been having I can't say I'm sad...makes me want to clean, and bake and light candles...unfortunately my hubby came home today sick...so you all know what that means I'll be doing....pray he feels better VERY SOON!

ANYWAY, we made this about two weeks ago but due to the insanity of our schedule I'm just now getting around to posting it!

First of all you will need the following:

1. 1 cup corn starch
2. 1/2 cup cold water
3. Couple drops of food coloring

It is the weirdest thing I have ever made....its not like playdoh...you can't save it...so don't try...will just make you sad!

Seriously, some great fun! Perfect for a week of rain...YEAH!

THEN, I saw this idea and they were only .99 on amazon....I probably didn't give these enough time....apparently my farm fresh eggs aren't the perfect size for these...the instructions are written in chinese...and I just don't know how to read that...so I had to follow along with the pics....if anyone has a better idea on how to do this please let me know asap. I'm just saying....I'm not sure I did it right!

First thing I did was boil the eggs like normal, peel and then put in these cute little cases and put in the pot of boiling water for a few minutes....and the one with the fish I could never get to work right but the car one turned out and E really enjoyed eating her hard boiled cute car egg!


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