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Monday, August 29, 2011

Little Passports

So, today we started light school....its probably really not that light after I list the subjects that we did...but this is one that I thought that I would tell you all about.

It's called Little Passports....I have not been given anything for this endorsement it is just my humble opinion.

You can sign up for three months, six months or a year. We chose the six months...and so far I have enjoyed it. Anything that gets your kids excited about geography is awesome! Just go to your local school and ask the kids where Greece is...or if we live in South America or North America...and its kinda scary to hear the answers!

So, they send you a little suitcase to put all your stuff in and then each month you get a picture of something from the country your visiting, a sticker for your passport, and a sticker for your suitcase...they also have online games which my older son enjoyed and they were able to do this together...something else I liked. There are also little things from that country for them to experience. Truly, I think its wonderful. Its not super cheap....but when you have two kids getting excited about geography and learning...I get super excited about that!

Here are some pics of the day...we were behind three months due to summer but got to experience all of it today!

They enjoyed it greatly! I liked quizzing T and seeing if he KNEW where it was!

All in all...a good thing!

Enjoy your day!

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