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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Glasses

I'm amazed at how that each day at being a parent...you still completely doubt yourself. I have officially been a parent for a little over 11 years. In those years I have dealt with dealing with two children that are big for their ages, listening to people tell me what I did wrong with both of my children, deal with allergies of various degrees, deal with asthma,my personal favorite...the constant throwing up as we would drive ANYWHERE all over my NEW CAR...thank you Mr. T! Not being able to breastfeed either one of my children past six months and hearing everyone tell me how many problems my children would have because of it...to which I said "Thanks so much....I was already feeling low...thanks for pushing me to DEPRESSED!"

We as Mom's know when there is a problem with our children....for about two years now I have noticed my T with a problem with his vision. He turns his head so that his left eye is facing forward and his right eye is to the side. I took him to the optometrist...they noticed no problems with his vision....I took him to the chiropracter...he noticed problems with his neck and shoulder and gave exercises to strengthen it....BUT still we would go back. I still kept bugging and pestering....to which everyone agreed that he had just made it a habit for so long that he would just have to "un-habit" it...oh SWELL! However, I just KNEW there had to be more.

I made our yearly eye doctor appointment...informed her that it was worse not better...and basically just sat there and PRAYED through the whole exam...I mean seriously..."Please Lord, give her wisdom, help her to see what he needs, I know something is wrong!" and He answered!

She said that she believes he should have been left handed...which I recall when he was young he would do things with both hands...when I put him in preschool they just naturally pushed him to use his right hand! NOW I'm totally so upset with myself....but I remember that he would write with both his right and his left and they were the same.....I did notice that he shoots with his left...ANYWAY, she said that his left eye is not working with his right eye and his brain is a bit confused...so my understanding is that we are basically programming his eyes to work together and basically "tricking" his brain. One lens is thicker to help this problem.

It now makes sense to me about sports....basketball he does really well at...soccer though seems to be difficult for him. So, I'm of course blaming myself...wishing I would have pushed harder longer ago...wondering what I can do for him now to help him....praying...thankful that we found something to help....but trying very hard NOT to feel guilty!

I have to say though that I think he looks quite distinguished and quite grown up which is making me quite sad!

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