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Friday, September 9, 2011

Organized for School

I know that since we home school that our organization of how we do things differs...but if it makes you feel better...there are days I wish I just had a backpack to deal with...but alas...that is not the case.

We have home schooled for three years now and I believe that we have found our "groove".  I started off with the drawer system which we still use every day and it is WONDERFUL! The picture that I took was from when we first started.  I have since bought another one and labeled them for each subject so that he doesn't have to open each drawer to see what he needs.

Ignore the messiness behind the wonderful drawer system!
Next, we move on to baskets....I had a schoolroom on our third floor of our home which happens to also be the bedroom of my oldest stepdaughters...we used a corner of the room...which is very large...and even had a desk set up in there...but I kept finding both children sitting around the kitchen table no matter how nice I had it looking upstairs.  So, that created a bit of another mess....I hate things that function but don't look pretty!  So, I found some baskets to help!

These baskets hold my teachers manuals and various things that I have to have in order to teach!

I also took our old china hutch and made it into craft storage!

I just took cheap old fashioned candy jars and put crayons, markers, paints etc in them so that they are still pretty to look at.  I apologize for not getting clearer photographs.  YOu see, I'm really trying to get a new camera for Christmas....lets see if it works???

Last but not least...the lunch idea has been the greatest thing ever.  I took it a step further and bagged up all chips, teddy grahams, all fruit, and have them in various baggies and stored according to their need.  BOTH of my kids loved it...and it worked super duper fabulous.  Not only did I know for sure what went in their mouths but no produce went to waste!! YEAH!

Before I forget....this summer I designated a place in our kitchen for a chalkboard wall....it has been wonderful! My E has not gone a DAY without writing on it!

Happy School Year Everyone!

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