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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our new swingset

May I first say that we as a family do pretty well. We aren't rich but my children have all of their needs and MOST of their wants. We own our own business and in this economy our business hasn't flourished but we still are doing just fine...and for that we are grateful. However, my little E is number 4 of our kids...there will likely not be any more little babies....so spending that much money for one child....while we are getting ready to have one go to college, another start driving and another is eating me out of house and home...and shoes...seriously..the shoes and the jeans...anyway, we could not justify spending the amout of money for one child....maybe that makes us horrible people but we just couldn't! However, for awhile now my little E has been begging or a swingset. She was very specific in what she wanted....hmmmm who could she take after? As we shopped and shopped and scanned sales, garage sales, craigslist....could NOT find a swingset that wasn't over at least $500. The ones that were in the lower price range looked as if they would fall apart as soon as the child got on the playset. Not only that but assembly was like 8-14 hrs. I hardly EVER see my husband ANYWAY....he works six days a week....so I decided to hire someone...that was going to cost me an extra $200 bucks! So, I prayed and prayed that God would give us a nice wooden swingset, with a slide and a place for my E to be able to crawl up on and have a little play tent....and one day I put on facebook (in desperation) if anyone knows of anyone wanting to sell their swingset please let me know....and I checked my inbox...and I had a dear friend saying we could HAVE her set...that's right sister...HAVE it...meaning FREE.....and God answered down to every last detail. We still have some tweaking to do but as you can see my E is as pleased as punch!
May His name be praised! This is def on my one thousand gifts lists! oh and by the way....we had a dear friend who gave HALF his day to help us take down and put back up! We are blessed in the friends department to say the least!

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