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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Over the gravel roads we go!

Saturdays have lately turned into my new favorite days.  They are filled with soccer, and other activities that my kids enjoy.  We own our own business so its usually just me with my kids on Saturdays...but I still enjoy it even though I'm solo. 

This week has found us in the midwest with a bit of a cold snap that we weren't expecting already and I have two children that have grown out of a lot of things...especially my E....clothes shopping wasn't too exciting for them...but I did actually take the time to buy myself TWO items...yep! Its true!

Tonight my E and I took a little adventure to my friends house that lives out in the country.  My E has taken quite a liking to my dear friends son....she said that she would like to marry him someday....or Jackson...but Jackson took away her toy the other day (so I think that might have taken him out of the running).  ANYWAY, she couldn't wait for the party and so we headed out...apparently she wasn't used to gravel roads....or very long corn fields...but we made it despite our GPS telling us that there was NO coverage!

I've decided to take a little idea from some people and start making EVERY day picture worthy...and today...well...I'm not a John Deer fan at all...we have nothing in our house that has to do with hunting etc (not that I'm against it) just no interest in it....and well...this pic just cracks me up! E wanted to know how this thing went....so funny....her first time on a John Deer...I had to snap a pic!

My list of gifts continues:

318.  Finding a freinds house who lives over the gravel road and through the cornfields:)
319.  Ice-cream that my E can have--just like the other kids
320.  Juice that my E can have--just like the other kids
321.  Watching sheer joy on my E's face-childhood--no worries
322.  Shopping for new clothes.
323.  Cool nights made for snuggling!

May you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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