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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Table Runner and Such Things

I know...seriously interesting....but there is a lot going on in my little head tonight!

First of all....I DID it! I ran with my group tonight and we ran for 20 minutes straight...a LOT different that running on the treadmill.....BIG time...but I did it! I walked or like 40 seconds but other than that I DID it.  We went about a little over 2.0 miles...I still have a lot to do for the 5K in 5 weeks...but I know now that I really CAN DO it....and that feels REALLY great!

Second, today was a pretty good day school wise...perhaps because T and I were apart a lot of the day (sometimes that is needed).  He is enjoying french, guitar, chess and martial arts in home school coop and I'm thrilled!  He told me some things that he would like to change as far as our daily schedule.  It seems that his looking at the lesson plan for the entire day overwhelms him...I had no idea.  I thought he liked being in charge of his "destiny" for the day...but it seems he does not...he wants me to tell him what subjects to do when...which is hilarious because I NEVER would have thought that...I thought he enjoyed being in "charge".  We still have things we are working on...but today I just made sure that I went crazy over the good and gave him big hugs and he seemed to respond very positively to that (today anyway).

Last but not least....I finally got my table runner done (ok....my Mom did)  I don't have a sewing machine (because I have my Mom you see) and I have a very big table....no regular runner would ever fit. 

Cost of project $11! I was going to stencil at the bottom but now after looking at it I think it looks great all by itself!  What do you all think???

I love decorating for fall and so glad that its here!  I will be taking pics of the house again since a lot has changed since last year....also hopefully apple picking time can happen this Friday??? That is so much fun! Not to mention YUMMY!

Have a great day!

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  1. beautimous!!! I don't do much fall decorating because I'm patiently (okay, maybe not so much) for when we can get a little bit bigger home and then get stuff to fit that home. I am however, very tempted to go ahead and drag out the Christmas decor!!