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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Cranky Doctor

This was our first week of schooling...even though we did just four days in three days....instead of our five days worth of school in four days.  I do the four days on purpose because I need a day of errands, library etc before the weekend craziness of church activities and soccer etc.

I must say that the first week of any thing you do is difficult.  Throw in half days from my husband's daughters that attend the public school and the week gets even more interesting....add a bit of my husband's "asthma, chronic coughing" and well....its just "survival mode".  However, we weren't going to the doctor with my E for asthma issues...no one this year decided to throw a rock through my van window....I was truly feeling pretty good about our week.  It wasn't perfect...but it was showing some promise.

There are about 2 million children in our wonderful country that are home schooled.  I'm not here to stand on a soap box on why  you should home school....its a very PERSONAL decision, requires a lot of sacrifice and someone who can say "no" to others when trying to interfere with the home school schedule...which isn't to say that we don't try to be "flexible" beause we do...just have to have a time for school.

So, my T has been having issues for about two years with his eyes.  We have been to the chiropracter, the optomterist, and this time the eye doctor gave glasses with a stronger lens on one eye to get his eyes to work together.  It has been working very well and his headaches are a thing of the past.  The mother in me still wanted to "MAKE SURE" that there were no other problems so we were referred to an opthamologist.  The receptionist was wonderful, the technician a blessing as she ran through the whole eye exam...showing me where T had a focus issue in his left eye...totally in line with what our optometerist had said.  So of course as we are waiting for the opthamologist....my E decided she had to use the facility.....and of course the doctor came in while I was gone.

The events that happened next...had I known....would have had me leaving...well...quite an "impression."  I will only tell you that my son was asked where he went to school and when he replied home school...the doctor said "do you learn anything being home schooled?"  The rudeness continued with him looking up on the INTERNET a question that my son had asked him about history....the doctor wanted him to give a question to stump him....instead....he had to look it up and then tell him he was wrong...interesting...that he had to look it up....when I asked why he gets headaches he informed me that ALL kids get headaches (REALLY?????????) Yes, that was the long awaited appointment. 

As we walked to the van my son informed me of the questioning before I got back to the office....I of course was about to SCREAM I was so mad...my son was upset...this was our first time ever having anyone treat us this way for behing home schooled.  I don't like to walk around with my son's test scores...and have he and his friends questioned so that we can constantly PROVE our worth.  I don't like to be treated like I'm doing something wrong if on a Friday we are running errands after 1 and our school is DONE for the week....but when I get this....this is when I want to scream...but I didn't...I went by my husband's store and screamed...then....like every mother.....

I went and ran my errands....took my children to subway...then the dreaded wal-mart....kept my chin high...and almost DARED anyone to ask me why we were NOT in school...go AHEAD I DARE YOU! Thankfully, for my sake...and (their sake also) no one did...and we had a lovely time...and Mommy bought oreos...and only had 3 I am proud to say (so far!)  I decided to "sort of let it go"...its tough being a Mom...I question myself constantly...but in the end...its the simple things that I like best about homeschooling.  Even just a nice little lunch together...after a frustrating morning with a mean ol opthamologist!

I will not tell you my kids are perfect...far FROM IT! However, I was given these two children...and I'm responsible for their lives...and this is what I feel is the BEST for them...and hopefully whatever your choice is of schooling...we can all learn to SUPPORT one another....instead of it being a competition.

I will also say that we celebrated another victory...my E....was EXTRA good in dance class...and got a EXTRA special sticker!

Even got TWO stickers from dance!
May everyone have a GREAT weekend!  As for us...we have soccer season starting again....(you know, for my crazy son that is "socially deprived") I just HAD to add that!

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