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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The 6th Annual Fall Segrist Party

This is our sixth year of having our Fall Party.  I enjoyed this time of year very much as a child.  Trick or treating where we had big paper grocery sacks going from house to house where they would only give ONE piece of candy and we would walk forever but  had sacks half full of candy and so excited! I enjoyed carmel apples and wonderful hay rides....decorating pumpkins....sigh....lovely fun! So, this is a way that we try very hard to keep this tradition alive with our family and friends.

First I had three homemade soups that I made...Broccoli and cheese, chicken rice and Colorado White Chili....very yummy and very easy.  I tried to keep drinks outside and desserts on the inside so that parents could keep eyes out for what their kiddos were consuming.....I try to make all my parties "help yourself" as much as possible.

I spray painted the small pillars black...we will be using at our store for a "Paris" event next month also and I spray painted some our pumpkins...not sure how I feel about those yet.

Then it IS a costume party....here is my family....First we have Raggedy Ann and Andy
Our own Dr. House

Then we have Cat in the Hat who looks very fat in this getup I must say!

My dear friend MADE her daughters costume and put flowers in her hair! Clearly I was outdone!
Then of course Rapunzel....so cute!

Then we had a Jedi

He's so handsome and getting way to old!

Then we had apple dunk, sack race and balloon toss and craft time.  The weather was divine and the party was a blast!

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