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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So, last week I got a call from my Mother telling me that my Grandmother (who is 95 by the way) was not doing well and that the family should start coming and seeing her and saying our goodbyes.  I haven't made the trek to Grandma's house for quite some time I'm ashamed to say...she and I never saw things quite the same way.  She has had a hard life and expects things to be done a certain way...and when they were not...she let you know that you didn't do it in the way she wanted it done!  Still, she is my Grandma and I do love her...so off we went.

Now, my parents decided that they would camp and then we would visit Grandma during the day so that's what we did.  Now....its been like a hundred years since I've been camping and I'm afraid to say that I have NEVER taken my children...so to say I was unprepared was quite the understatement....I just thought...well, if I've forgotten anything surely there is a wal-mart or SOMETHING close by???? WRONG!!!!!!

Despite the wetting of the bed from my dear E and staying an extra two days and running out of clothes, to my E who cut her finger on my razor in the shower house....to the mosquitos buzzing in the camper and my parents snoring while I was trying to sleep....I did rather enjoy myself.  There's something wonderful about being in the fresh air...having your parents help take care of your children, biking in the fresh air, having your mother make all the food:) Yes, despite the sad state of our visit....we did enjoy the time.

We were blessed with amazing weather and a gorgeous camping spot....and I enjoyed being "unplugged".  There's something wondrous about being away where no one can reach you easily:)

We had a glorious spot right on the lake  

She can go ANYWHERE with her princess dolls!    

The four generations!

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