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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Furniture REDO

ok....to say that life is insane right now is an understatement.  I have so much going on I'm about to go crazy...I can feel my heart racing with all that needs to be done!

Last week I was able to take home two pieces from my Grandmother and redo them.  Of course I didn't take a pic of them BEFORE....after all that would have MADE SENSE....but trust me...they were BAD....the dresser was blonde wood with gold knobs and the coffee table had seen better days.

So, here they are all fixed up and I will have the last piece of furniture on here tomorrow after I find new knobs for it today!

 I first used a de glosser on the piece so that it would stick better...used primer, black satin spray paint and then a clear finish since it would be used by my son and would have a lot of wear and then I spray painted the original hardware silver...I think it turned out AWESOME!

 Then the coffee table I did the same thing to...it used to belong to my mother and she hated to see me paint it but it had suffered...horribly...it needed a new life!

 Last but not least I found two ideas on blog land that I adored....so easy but so great! I needed something to put my E's hairbows...and this I already had!

 Yes, I didn't even "stage" this room...this is really what it looks like most of the time! See, I'm just keeping it real!

Then I got this rug for my kids bath...I love it and love that we can use all SORTS of colors for towels etc.  I got the idea from IHeart Organizing.  It's the most gorgeous rug ever....still trying decide on the perfect shower curtains....this will have to do for now...and the two big jars are my handmade body soap!

Have a LOVELY day!

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