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Friday, October 28, 2011

Give Thanks?

This is day 6 of sitting on the "shelf".  Today I was feeling a bit sorry for myself.  Yes, its true...I was.  I can't run for at least a couple of weeks which means that I will miss a lot of 5K's right now.  I also was going to be able to clown this weekend for two church which I was totally excited about and now I can't do and the hardest part is that I have to rely on my children and family to do things for me and for my house...and I'm a little OCD about the cleanliness of my house....which in turn you will hear a little bit of weeping as I look around at my house....BUT....

in being on the "shelf" I have been able to do some things that I wouldn't normally be doing.....such as I finally had a chance to check my email which is ridiculous but I found these:

 Two friends had taken these pictures of my T as he went horseback riding with the Scouts and another friend took these pics with his totally cool camera during one of his games...and I've been so busy that today was the first time I had actually taken the time to even SEE them.

I'm sure you find it ridiculous that I'm to busy to check my email...but it is true.....I have been too busy to even check my email....so today...I took time to read a little longer to my E.....blog a little...spend a little time on Pinterest.....color with my E....and help her play with her magnetic puzzle dolls.  I also got to listen to my children say things like "Wow! Mom sure does do a lot that it takes the five of us to do her job."

I don't like asking for help...and its hard for me to have friends taking my kids here and there....and I have even had two friends bring us dinner...which of course makes me feel guilty....they after all have busy lives.  I also feel bad for my hubby who works close to 60 hrs a week and now comes home and does laundry and so forth and even my four year old has had to do a lot...and the guilt I feel when I hear her crying for me when she's being put to bed...oh the guilt a Mommy feels. 

However, I don't have to have surgery like I thought I might and I also have a quicker recovery than I thought I would originally....just right now....I'm feeling rather like I'm on the "shelf".  Instead I need to be "still" and take time to be in the "quiet" but very soon I will be back in the running and hopefully will remember what its like to be quiet and listen....and to be thankful for all things...all the time...big or little.

This is the pillow that sits on my couch in our family room....it is a constant reminder to me of what all I have to be grateful for....even if it means....sitting on the "shelf" for a little bit...

May His name be praised!

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