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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here I am again

Well last night I couldn't fall asleep until 3am...woke up after 8am....I hate that when that happens.  Now tonight I thought that since I only had five hours of sleep that I would sleep better tonight...but NOPE! Good news is....no jury duty! That is a MAJOR Party dance!

There is a lot going on right now...some good...some not so good.  Some of it...is my fault....some of it isn't...and I just can't bear it when things aren't....good...perhaps that's why I can't sleep.

We are trying to catch up on school this week and getting back into the routine....I find myself doubting again....I find myself my biggest enemy....if I would get out of the way....what changes would come?  If I would let go...and let things just land where they may and go with the flow...what freedom would occur?  Does it matter that my house is perfect always and that the beds look like Pottery Barn catalogs?  Today as I stepped over huge coloring pages in my entryway and school books all over the dining room table...and dishes in the sink...I kinda smiled to myself....that has to be healthy that I let that go isn't it?  Don't fret...I picked it up when we were done with school for the day. 

I have a fall party coming up this weeknd....visions of painting pumpkins and gourds and homemade soups etc are keeping me up....but you know what....I just might go to Sam's and get their yummy cupcakes with cute little pumpkins on them....instead of having fifteen million drink options I might just have three....see...there I go...making all kinds of changes....

So, pray for us as I learn to let go....and here's a peek at last years Fall Party!

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