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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Honestly Speaking

"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight Oh Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer."...these words were put to music and planted on my heart at a very early age....the lessons....my mouth ALWAYS seems to get me into trouble.

When I look at the "ugliness" of what comes out of my mouth I'm amazed and saddened...I almost want to run into hiding.  This is when Satan can really wrap us up and shut us down...which is what he really wants to have happen.  This is when it is important to embrace "grace" and really understand what that word means....Even though I fail and mess up....His grace is enough....I can move on....I can keep going...restoration can come....but I first must confess it, surround myself with positive and continue on.  Words said cannot be taken back....damage done...However, the sun will shine again...relationships can be restored....

As women we must guard our tongue...I feel that this is the absolute hardest thing for women to do.  It's so easy to turn a "prayer request" into a gossip session when our intent in the first place was really just to "share" the burden of someone...and instead....quite innocently you've said more than you meant to say.......so.....at the ripe age of 30 something I'm learning to "zip it"  I'm learning to "be quiet".

It has been good for me in many ways...I'm concentrating on being a better wife, on my children in school and their behavior, cooking, soap making, learning to knit, taking myself off of facebook as much as possible (not always easy) and my biggest thing has been running.  I'm running in a 5K this Saturday and I'm very excited about it.  Running with other women and encouraging one another has been a huge life change that I plan on continuing.  For me....being busy keeps my tongue from being "busy".  Being in the word and concentrating on Bible verses....I even have them on my chalkboard wall in my kitchen so that they are a CONSTANT reminder to me.  My tongue....there are times I wish it could just be "cut off".

I as a woman have the potential to build up my children's confidence or cut them down on a daily basis.  I have the potential to encourage my friends and make them smile or cut them down and damage their hearts which can lead to them not wanting to be friends with me or any of the ladies of the "church".  The damage that can be done....is quite frankly....frightening.

I have started back to "clowning".  For me it is an outlet that puts me out of my "comfort zone" and quite frankly people at times can be quite negative towards that ministry.  So much so that I have felt that it is NOT important and that I should NOT do it.  I have turned down many opportunities simply because I didn't "FEEL" that I should be doing it.

I can honestly say that taking up running has changed my perspective on many things.  It has provided fellowship when I need it most, it has provided encouragement that I know they had no idea that I needed and it has provided an outlet...sometimes we need to do something that lets out that "negative energy" so to speak...and running does that for me....gets the "grr" out of me!  It has also allowed me to look at my spiritual life in a way that I never really did before....it has allowed me to see the "ugly" part of my spirit that I really didn't want to look at.  It's so much easier to point at others and say "this is their fault....I'm this way because of them!" It is much harder to point the finger to myself and say that "I AM THE PROBLEM!"  Only then can healing come and only then can spiritual growth be obtained.

For me....I have several 5K's lined up to keep my "physical" body conditioning up and surrounding myself with those that are "spiritually stronger" than myself to encourage me both physically and spiritually.  I feel that that is of utmost importance in the challenges of the daily "grind".  I wear many hats....I homeschool two, I'm a stepmother to two, I'm a business owner, I'm in charge of all household duties (besides the lawn) and I am involved in various ministries of the church...so my plate is full....but without constant guarding of the tongue....it all falls apart.

The verse right now on my wall:
Ps. 34:13 Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies.

May His name be praised!


  1. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. a reminder for us all. thank you for linking up. thank you so very much.

  2. I totally get the running. Yes, getting outside, getting perspective. The Lord always teaches me in those times. This was a great post. So real. Thank you.