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Sunday, October 23, 2011

My First 5K

Since July I have been running.  A lady in our church who runs marathons and just an unbelievably talented woman decided to start a Bible Study called "Run For God".  It is a twelve week program that starts you off slow into running and applies the hardships of running into our daily walk with Jesus and all of the battles that we have both physically and spiritually.

I worked very hard just like everyone else who did this study.  I was able to make new friendships and really learn how to support my friends.  I also was able to have my son run with me and let him find out that he really does have a gift in running....and hopefully he will continue it.  Plus four out of the six people that live in our house have decided that they will start running with me also.

Here are some pictures of us before the run:

My son T and I before the race...he did AWESOME!

My niece and I ...what an encourager she was!
 My best time running 3 miles was 31 minutes and Race Day I wanted to come in in 30 minutes or less...I had no goals of winning a medal just wanted to celebrate with my friends on accomplishing a goal that I had never been able to do before.  NO matter how long it took us to finish...we did it and that's all that mattered.

After mile 1 I knew I was in trouble...my knee started giving out...but my anger kept me going....I had worked so hard...to not finish simply was NOT an option.  I kept running until mile 2 then walked/ran to mile 3....and THEN when you see all your friends and everyone clapping for you??? WELL....my leg and my knee were SCREAMING and by the end so was I....my son captured this pic of me coming in...what you don't see is the sheer WILL getting me across the finish line.

My niece got me across the finish line...I wanted to just lay on her on my way in.
My husband was thankfully close by and knew I was in trouble when he didn't see me come in with my friends that I had run with....I basically collapsed into his arms and he got me sitting down...the rest was sheer pain and agony in which two of my friends had to carry me to a chair and my husband had to carry me to the car and into the chiropracter's office....Then it was off to ER where I got two BIG shots and a knee stabilizer and crutches...tomorrow back to the chiropracter....and long story short I'm out of running for a bit.

I'm rather discouraged because I can't even do the smallest of things right now around the house...worried about how all that is to get done....and I have two children to homeschool.  So, discouragement is settling in a bit...I'm so annoyed at why after doing what I needed to do I had an injury and ended up in the ER with great big shots that hurt like mad and then I ruined my son's camping trip that he was to have with Scouts and was going to be able to camp out with his Dad.  Instead, I'm on the couch with ice and pain medicines and even doing the smallest things are difficult...all I want to do is run...nothing big...its my little piece of something that I like to do for "just me" and now......I can't do anything...not even clean....which is my other favorite thing to do...and the worst thing is....I have to ASK for help for all things!

My dear boy though had an awesome race....he finished first in his age group and his time was 26.27 minutes...so I was super proud!

1st, 2nd, and 3rd

So I'm off of running for a little bit but I'll be BACK! I hope very soon because this is way old! So, I guess I should be applying the principles learned about "running the race" spiritually should be applied here? Except this time....the lessons seem harder....much HARDER!


  1. wow. you have been through a lot. i love how you know that this spiritual battle will be harder than the physical one. may God continue to bless you and place you exactly where He wants you. thanks for linking up! xoxo.

  2. thank you for linking up and for sharing your heart. isn't it amazing how spiritual battles can at times be so much more difficult than physical ones? can't wait to see what God is doing in your life. xoxo.