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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cold Process Soap Making

By all means please realize that I am NOT an expert.  This was my first time making the soap and I have to say that all in all a pleasant experience.  I will just share with you that before you do this you need to do your homework.  I talked to people that made their own soap and got their step by step instructions.  I watched a TON of you tube videos, I listened to the advice of people that made it often.  I learned about hot process and cold process and decided to go this way.  Also, lye is very dangerous! Make sure that you keep it in a very safe place where young children and animals can not get into.  Make sure that when you are making soap that children and pets are away from the kitchen area as you are doing this.  It is very dangerous and one of the reasons that took me so very long to even get the courage up to make the soap!

I will share with you the recipe that my friend gave to me and her step by step instructions.  I will tell you that I think that my batch was too thick because my scale started messing up when I was doing the solid fats....which when you have lye already made I just didn't think it was a good idea to leave and go buy a new scale...so we can see how bad it is...and it may still be useable...we will see!

So, first of all you need the following:
1.  Use glass or plastic containers
2.  Safety goggles and gloves and mask
3.  Stainless steel pot...mine was 8 qt and big enough for the soap batch that I made.
4.  Vinegar to use if you spill any lye on yourself it neutralizes the burn.

Ingredients needed for this particular batch:
 20 oz water
10 oz lye
Always remember to ADD the lye to the WATER otherwise you will have a chemical reaction...add lye to water, add lye to water, add lye to water!

27 oz olive oil-not virgin
8 oz beeswax
25 oz Crisco
20 oz coconut oil
2 oz of lavender essential oil and for this batch I added a little bit of dried lavender....because I wanted to and my friend said I could!

Here are her step by step instructions:
1.  Put water in glass bowl
2.  Add lye to water and dissolve.

I had to step back twice during this process because of the fumes.  I did it in my kitchen sink but had my exhaust fan and my kitchen door all the way open.  The fumes were not horrible because this was not a huge batch but I can def see the importance of the mask.  I took no pictures during this step because I really was very nervous about this process. When I was done I just left in the sink to cool...and started working on melting all the other fats.

3.  Melt olive oil, beeswax, crisco and coconut oil.

Make sure that you have a wonderful scale...mine decided to start FREAKING out when I did the beeswax and the coconut oil.  It worked perfectly great for all the others.  You have to have EXACT measurements for your soap to turn out!

4.  Remove from heat as soon as melted and let cool for 10 minutes. 

5.  Add lye.  Make sure that your gloves and protective eyewear is on for this part in case there are any splashes.  Stir for five minutes vigorously do not stop! It was amazing this process as I watched the different colors that it would turn as it reacted together...first a dark brown and then lighter in color.
6.  5 minutes @ trace add fillers...this is when I added my lavender and this is what trace looks like:

The way it was explained to me that basically you can see the "trace" that your spoon made.

7.  Add essential oil, mix and pour into lines box.  Freezer paper is the best liner.  I have also seen people use white trash liners.

As you can see mine is a bit thick...which makes me sad....because I'm not sure it will "set up" right but we live and learn eh?

Keep in cool room for 2 days and keep it covered.  I wrapped mine in two large towels and put a huge post it..on it that says "Don't uncover!" cause I have nosy people living in this house.

On Thursday I will test it and cut it up and if it "set up right" I will place the cut soap on end on top of an unprinted newspaper.  Let dry for two weeks.

As always my ingredients were bought at www.symphonyscents.com


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