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Thursday, November 10, 2011

From My Big Chair

How can someone who has been given a huge answer of prayer be so down and depressed?  Monday morning started off a bit different.  After my early morning MRI (in which I prayed to the Lord constantly through it because I truly thought I wasn't going to make it) I was home again....drinking coffee...making a checklist for the day.....thinking that my knee was actually feeling better.  An hour later I get a phone call from the doctor, back to the doctor, then to an orthopedic surgeon.  My mind was on a roller coaster all day.  I was physically and mentally drained.  I was told it was broken, then told it wasn't broken...told to stay on crutches for at least a minimum of two weeks.  While I felt blessed to be able to "escape" the CAST.....I felt chained again by the crutches.....this meant another week where I would just sit.  How does one who has just had TWO HUGE prayer requests answered sit there depressed???? I knew my attitude was wrong....but this was going on three weeks and I was so OVER this whole thing.

So, I did what most women do.....I called upon my dearest friends asking for prayer on my behalf for my attitude to change....and not only did they pray....but they offered suggestions to help me through this time.  This week my husband has so much on him. It is the week that our store has two very big nights of "Ladies Only parties".  It's our very big kick off for the Christmas season.  Normally I always help the girls of our store decorate.....I'm not amazing.....but I do o.k.......they think I'm amazing....and that's why I love them so much.  Unfortunately, I can't help with any of it....I've been told to stay off of it as much as possible for at least two weeks....no walking without crutches until I can do it with no limp at all...grrrr....but I obey....because I want to get through this season.  So, my husband has been doing all laundry and my 11 yr old son has done the vacuuming, swiffer wet jet helping with laundry, taking care of dishwasher...and helping my Ellie get dressed and brush teeth etc....

I guess the hardest thing in the beginning was realizing that the beds just aren't going to get made....the laundry isn't going to get made how I like it....the house is just going to be a little messy.....so I concentrated on the following:
1.  My children are clean, clean clothes, brush teeth, clean ears, hair brushed....matching clothes would be bonus but def not HAVE to be the case (for those of you who know me this is already a HUGE step).
2.  Kitchen---Empty dishwasher, fill dishwasher, clean countertops....all by an 11 yr old....let the rest kinda go....clutter abounds....oh well.
3.  Living room----just try and not lose anyone or anything under it all....if pillows can be put on sofas that's a win....
4.  Bathrooms---cleaned by the older girls in the house when they can....they actually aren't too bad to be honest.
5.  Floors---I have taught my 11 yr old to swiffer wet jet pretty good....it will just have to do and he is also good at vacuuming.

Things I've gotten very good at:
1.  We can do my E's school and my T's school from my big chair and its actually nice....no interruptions like laundry to do or cleaning to do....we have ALL day!
2.  It has taken every bit of three weeks but I have actually learned to knit....enough so that I believe that I can actually give these as gifts??? Yep! I really think so!

3.  I have caught up with my photo books that you create through shutterfly or mixbook.
4.  I have been able to do a lot of Christmas shopping online...I have two children completely done with the exception of stocking stuffers.
5.  I have been able to pray for friends and family and totally in the "know" of what's going on because I have facebook.
6.  I have been able to grocery shop and have groceries delivered....all online:)
7.  I have been able to get amazing and thrifty ideas from pinterest...since before I never really had time for any of those things.
8.  I have been able to read and do things from this chair that I really think I will miss once I enter the "craziness" of my busy schedule.
9.  I have learned to ask friends and family for help.....I HATE asking for help....but sometimes you just have to.
10.  My children and husband have learned what I do around here and I was able to teach them the ways of doing things...so that even when I am better I will have them take over a few more responsibilities....making them learn the value of hard work and allowing me to spend more time with them.

Now, I can't tell you its been all fun....there is the PAIN there is the staring of PEOPLE when I'm out in public....there is the doctor VISITS.......there is the WANTING to go running so bad you can hardly stand it and realize you can't....just not yet.  However, this is a season....a very small season...and running has taught me to endure....running has taught me to rely on God and get my strength from Him when I feel I have nothing left....running has taught me to push myself when I didn't want to....it has helped me get through the pain, it has helped me learn the discipline of being still, and it WILL help me as I get my strength back to be able to run again.

May His name be praised!

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  1. this is really great. thank you for linking up. and i love how you have chosen to focus on what you have been able to do... love it.