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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Glycerin Soap with Prizes Inside

Quite possibly this is the easiest project EVAH!

I bought the following supplies at Hobby Lobby...the small bag of glycerin was enough to make the 12 soaps.

You can make this project as expensive or as cheap as you want.  They sell the bags of glycerin at HObby Lobby and you can either use toys from around the house or even on line they have toys specifically made for glycerin soap.  This was supposed to be an economical project and I though these toys were cute and would serve the purpose for what they were intended for.  I'm just using them as littleChristmas gifts for my E's friends and also to encourage my E with her handwashing. Next time I will do things differently with the toys (such as put them upside down DUH so the face is what they see through the other side....LIVE AND LEARN!) Also, I think that I will put a little fragrance in them...but since they were being given to 3 and 4 yr olds I thought that perhaps fragrance free would be best.

I used this muffin tin because we don't really like this particular one for food.  YOu can use a tin muffin one if you would like....just be sure not to REUSE it for food....it will taste soapy!

You just follow the directions on the back of the glycerin bag...melt 30 seconds...stir melt 30 seconds more.  Put the toy in the muffin tin and fill half way with glycerin and then wait for a few minutes before filling the rest of the way.  Its supposed to take 30 minutes for them to harden but mine set up even faster than that.  Leave for an hour to make sure they are hardened all the way and pop out! It's seriously THAT EASY!

Package how you like! Enjoy! My E just saw them and was so excited to pick out her soap to wash her hands with!Photobucket

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