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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Learning to Let Go

I admit....I am slow....there are times that it just takes me longer than the average bear.  Someone will tell a joke....I get it....days later....other days I can be quite witty....then there are those times that I seriously feel like there is a huge fog in my head....that seems to be the way I am in learning lessons...slow....very slow.

As you all know I damaged my hamstring while running a 5K....for those of you who think I was so very "determined" and  "tough" I think stubborn and silly might be a better adjective for me.  Truly though I had NO idea that I had hurt myself as badly as I had.  I was a cheerleader in college...I have seriously only been hospitalized for having babies and my trauma has been more in the orthodontics, peridontists chairs than ever in a emergency room.  I can tell you that this was my very FIRST time on crutches and I have to say I truly hope the LAST! Nevertheless, the lessons that I'm learning have been the following:
1.  If this ever happens again I'm hiring a maid because seriously I cannot believe how awful this house got in a week.
2.  Letting the household chores go was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  I imagined sliding my body across the kitchen floors cleaning it...then I realized just how insane that really was.
3.  If it takes you more than 10 minutes to make the bed....let it go...seriously who is coming over anyway to check your bed?
4.  If your 4 yr old wants to wear mismatched socks...let it happen....if she wants to wear clothes around the house that don't match....who cares...let it go.
5.  Anyone that brings a meal that i don't have to cook is an amazing person and should be worshiped constantly.
6.  Husbands that do laundry and can work a crockpot are amazing and should be worshiped as well.
7.  Blowdrying hair and straightening it is overrated.  Real women shower and then put their hair back in a ponytail, no makeup and go.
8.  Shaving is also over rated.
9.  Chocolate is a great comforter as well as laptop computers.
10.  I love our grocery store that delivers groceries and even puts them in my kitchen!

The point being....this is a frustrating time....there were times I was downright discouraged last week.  I thought that this would never end.  I am beginning to feel that now as I'm learning to walk again and seriously look medicated as I'm trying to get my leg to work again.  I became amazed at how quickly are bodies can "forget" what they are supposed to do and how that life as we know it can change in an instant.  I learned that sometimes I have to ask for help and I learned that that is ok.  I learned that a spotless house is not the most important thing and that letting it go brings joy when frustration is beginning to set in.

The weather has been glorious here and I'm almost glad that we are expecting rain....today there were so many runners out that I just wanted to run with them so bad I could hardly stand it.....but.....I can't....and that has been a very hard lesson to learn.  My son and stepdaughter are running two races in November and I want to run them so bad....but I can't....so right now....I concentrate on walking....and looking at what's really important....and learning that the spotless house with the million projects is really not that important when all is said and done....and sometimes....you just have to let the "perfect" go....still hard....so, I'm working hard on walking and looking forward to running again and having a neat house....but learning I don't have to be quite as crazy about it as before.

May His name be praised!


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  1. beautiful post, yet again. thank you for linking up. i love how you are reminding even me (who is not bed-laden) that it is so important to let the little things go. thank you!