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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finished Christmas Baskets

This year I wanted to be able to really have some homemade gifts...I was tired of giving gift cards and wanted to really share my "passions." There are many women that are creative and many that are amazing bakers, cooks, gardeners....I am not GREAT at anything...however....I'm not to bad at the things that I have tried.  So, first I overcame the greatest obstacle which would be....MYSELF! I then attempted several things that I wanted to do this year:

First thing is....I learned to knit.  Then I tried my hand at sugar scrubs and decided that I wanted everyone to enjoy homemade laundry detergent as much I did so I gave them a sample of my dry detergent...(I make liquid as well).   I then tried my hand at making candles and ornaments....and so I put together four baskets for my family with all these things in them...and then to other members of my family I gave homemade soaps and homemade candles.  I was able to give one or two of these items to employees, teachers, hair dresser, and dear friends....it was a pleasure to be able to give things to people that I had worked hard to make...to show how much I truly care for these special people in my life.  As I grow older I realize how special my dear friends and family are and I was so happy to be able to give these homemade gifts away...and hope that they enjoyed them as well.

Here are a look at my treasures....hopefully I won't spoil any suprises....yet!

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