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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Making Homemade Candles

This project was SUPER easy and I really enjoyed it!  It was very economical and will make really great Christmas gifts to go in my baskets and to have on hand.  I was able to purchase the kits off of ebay and I already placed another order so that I can make more.  Ebay is the best place that I have found for these kits and the smell is divine and just so you know I'm a Yankee Candle SNOB! The seller that I used was http://www.ebay.com/sch/tandj999/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686 After purchasing the kit I figured that these gifts cost me around $4.00 each for the five bigger ones and 3.00 for the three smaller ones...and if you are a YANKEE CANDLE snob like me you KNOW how much money that saves RIGHT THERE!

First thing is I melt down the 1 lb of wax that I receive that are already packaged separately after I take care of putting the wicks in and getting them ready.  This process is quite easy.  There is a round sticker that you put in the bottom of the jar.  You put the wick on top of the circle....press firmly....put wick into wood stick to hold straight...seriously EASY!

Once the wax is melted you add the color...which comes in little beads....the seller likes you to sprinkle the beads on top of the candle...they are soy beads and will melt into the candle...but I like them melted...because I like the muted colors that they make!  After the soy beads are melted add the scent....YUMMO scent going on in your kitchen:)

After the wax and soy is melted and the scent is added I set the solution on a heat pad and let it cool.  Once it appears to have a "slushy" texture I pour.  I decided to do all five pounds at the same time...for more sticks I used straws with rubber bands and it worked just fine thank you so much!

I decided to go a bit crazy and do different layers...because I'm crazy like that you see! 

I then set them out and let them cure for 24 hours and then cut the wick down to 1/2 in....or round bout that and then I packaged and put them in baskets.

My candles set up rather fast and I believe because it was soo cool out! It's now around the high of 37 going on where I live...flannel sheets abound in this house right now and now we have yummy scented candles to give away!

Hope you enjoy making candles as much as I did...it truly was so much fun to make!


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