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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Preschool Curriculum

I have been homeschooling my E for two years now.  There are some kids like my T who school comes easy for and there are other kids that you have to try different things for.  I have spent so much money on preschool it is ridiculous.  I learned my lesson last year...and this year the expense has not been as great....but still I was spending time with the laminator and the printer almost constantly.  I was spending time to get lessons prepared that we didn't use for that long and spent all this money on ink.  Don't get me wrong these printables were WONDERFUL but I wanted to make sure that my E was getting all that she needed. 

So, I'm sharing with you two things that this year I am using and am very happy with.  We have been concentrating on learning to read and then I had a set back with an injury...but now we are FULL speed ahead!

The first thing I use EVERY day that is so easy to use is www.allaboutreading.com We have three more weeks in this and then we will be moving on to Level 1 which I already have ordered.  I adore this program and so glad that I found it.

The next thing I use is so cheap and my E loves them.  They are very thorough books and they cover everything.  I don't have to laminate, I don't have to print out anything, its there for her to do.  I started some of these books last year when she had just turned three and for my E it was a little difficult for her.  We are finishing up those books now and I ordered more books from there that are a little harder to finish up this year with.  It's still important to use "exciting" printables and lap books which I will still do....especially as we go through the winter where we are "homebound" most days.  This is an excellent resource to make sure that your children are getting what they need and I do enjoy how economical it is.  The books are not fancy but my E just loves them.  For more information you can go to their website www.rodandstaff.com  I also used their grammar two years ago for my son T's 4th grade year.  If you want basic instruction this is the curriculum to use.  He was very behind in his grammar as we had just taken him out of private school after his 3rd grade year and I needed all bases covered and this program did it ALL.  My son didn't like it but....I don't know to many 9 year olds that are all jazzed up about grammar anyway!

Have a great day!

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