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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feeding The Birds

Ok....I'm just gonna come right out and be honest....I do not like birds.  Yes, I said it.  However, my E does and she likes to watch them out our kitchen window...so I saw this little project and thought...Hey....lets give it a shot.  Messy bird food in my kitchen....that sounds like fun...and after the homemade sun catchers...could we really do worse??????

So, my poor E....so excited...Mommy has all the materials needed...ready to follow directions and make sure we make this amazing...oh yeah...see the excitement in her little face...mixing and making a mess...two of her very favorite things...and it all will just vacuum right up...or call the dog in...for some reason our bassett likes bird food...oh well:)

So, to help you all become better mommies than me...let me tell you what to NOT do!

First of all, you must line your cookie sheet with wax paper! This I did do...that's a pretty easy one to remember thank you!

Second, you must use ALL the ingredients....works a bit better that way...and you must use them in the ORDER that I write this down for you!

1. Use 3/4 cup flour---I did this
2.  Use 3 tbl corn syrup--I did this
3.  Use 1/2 cup water--this is the crucial element I neglected to use...major BUMMER! CAuse I couldn't figure out WHAT I did wrong AFTER we were done!
4.  4 cups of Bird Food

Have your little darling put the mixture in the cookie cutters and smash done...which my E actually kind of freaked out about that it was getting stuck to her hand...what can I say she's a bit like her MOmmy....I guess...her brother did it to when he was that age....threw a screaming fit about bubbles in his bathtub..."THEY ARE TOUCHING ME!!!" Yes, kind of the point son...but I never made that mistake again I assure you.  Now that he's twelve and I just made that public I probably just got back at him:)

So, today, when I took them out of the cookie molds some of them fell apart...sniff....sniff...so I hurried outside and decided to stick the ones that I could on the outside of the bird feeder so that my E could see the shapes...yeah...did you know that these are supposed to be kind of like ornaments hanging from trees...but we don't have a tree (we paid 900 bucks to have the poor, dead thing removed) not sure if my crying was the 900 bucks or the poor huge tree...still both were sad.  ANYWAY, use a straw to make the holes before they dry and then you can hang them. 

One would think I would have noticed...don't these look a LITTLE parched?????

Yes, there is a big huge spiderweb on my bird feeder...I realize that...but it was cold outside and I didn't want to take the time to remove it...plus I was afraid that my E would see what I was doing and I didn't want to have to tell her that Mommy didn't follow the directions and had to put most of our gorgeous (well, potentially) gorgeous ornaments in the bird feeder....see the bird feed inside the bird feeder aka the ornaments that crumbled!

So, why do you ask that I showed you my failures? Well, those of you that know me...know I'm just keeping it real....cobwebs and all.  There are days I got it all together...and there are days....I forget to add the "water." BUT, yes I know you should NOT start a sentence with BUT...however, I get back up again...and start all over. 

We will def try this again...great idea and can't wait to ADD the water:)

Have a GREAT day!

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