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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goats Milk Soap

I must say that this was a WONDERFUL and EASY project!  I have three batches of cold process soap now under my belt! PHEW! I had two batches turn out gloriously and one HUGE failure! So, when I tried this I felt like a bit of a cheater:(  It was too easy...as most melt and pours are...but truly smells SOO good and leaves my hands gloriously soft!

I wanted to share a couple of things with you in my lessons of making homemade soap.  First of all...this time I bought a silicone mold...it holds two lbs of soap and was PERFECT for this project.  I didn't have to line the mold and it popped out beautifully...then I just used my Pampered Chef crinkle cutter to cut my soap!  I'm getting ahead of myself though!

First I went to my Hobby Lobby and I strolled down the candle, soap making aisle and to my surprise they had the soap supplies 30 percent off...so I decided to pick up the goats milk melt and pour! You take the melt and pour goats milk and cut it up and then put in a microwave safe bowl for 40 seconds and stir...never more than that because you don't want it to scorch...then..you just keep doing that until its all melted down...then .I let the magic happen!

I'm totally excited about a new soap supplier that I found called www.brambleberry.com  May I just tell you that I LOVE them and their fragrances are WONDERFUL!  I bought this amazing fragrance from them....forgive me for some of these pics...I have to use my cell phone camera nowadays...LONG story there...a new camera will be coming some day...maybe:) The fragrance is oatmeal, milk and Honey since I couldn't manage to take a straight shot!
I used one ounce of this fragrance and stirred it in to the soap after I had melted it down...you MUST work quickly with melt and pour soap...it sets up VERY quickly....its completely done setting up in 30 minutes and can cut in an hour! I then added one cup of pulverized oatmeal and stirred well ...then I put it into my handy dandy new mold! I bought this mold last week and they said that once they sold out of it they would discontinue it...I went to buy another mold (larger size) last night and had to buy the four lb wooden mold...so I apologize if your wanting to buy this mold...as of now it is not offered anymore that  I could see:(
Then an hour later I had glorious, wonderful bars of soap...that may I just say I want to sniff ALL day LONG!!!! Seriously....you can find me cutting up little slivers and sticking them in all the bathrooms in our house so that I can just sniff it every time I walk by and talk about soft hands....oh my dear!  NOW, I HAVE to make this the cold process way...so I am really excited about getting goats milk and trying this the HARD way to see if I can do it...meanwhile...you'll find me a sniffing:)

Have a GLORIOUS sweet smelling day!!!!!


  1. Ah! found it!!!
    So the supplies at Hobby Lobby...comes complete with goats milk...or is it a pre-processed mix that has goats milk in it?
    I'm not sure I understand. could you please clarify?
    Thanks a bunch! Pat

  2. It is a melt and pour that is goats milk. Melt and pour soap is completely different than cold process soap. Melt and pours can be used immediately...well two hours after if you want to. There is no lye that your working with. To me, its kinda cheating and I only do these when I'm getting low on soap and have big orders to fill and do not have soap that will be done on time. You can do a lot of fun stuff with melt and pours that you can't necessarily do with cold process. You can embed little plastic animals in it...I did that for my daughters vday party at church...all sorts of things. Add whatever fragrance you like that is suitable for soap and if you want to add oatmeal or lavender that would be lovely as well or calendula petals. Enjoy! Thanks for all your feedback you give me. I really enjoy it!