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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Homemade Candle Tarts

Last day of Christmas Break!  I know I'm weird, but personally I like a schedule....I NEED a schedule...and it does hurt my feelings when my son groans when its time to start school again...since we are home schooled it does a hurt a pinch...I do TRY to make it FUN! So, on this last day of vacation, I'm finishing up some projects, making appts and doing some cleaning.

As you all have seen in my earlier post about candlemaking how easy it really is.  However, I decided to try and venture out on my own and grab the supplies at my local Hobby Lobby.  I also wanted to see how much cheaper it really is...and found that my ebay seller that I use is probably the way to go.  For more information on that you can see my earlier post athttp://jme71-loudsilence.blogspot.com/2011/12/making-homemade-candles.html  

The link will show you step by step directions in candlemaking as well.  Here are the supplies that I was able to buy locally.  The whole point in doing this was I wanted to make homemade tarts to burn in my tart burner. So, I decided to get to work.

I already had the heart and flower molds due to other craft projects that I use.  The supplies here as shown are around twenty dollars...still a deal for all that it made...but again...the ebay seller that I use is def a better deal.

After melting the wax in one lb portion I was able to use the colors that I wanted.  I do recommend buying these blocks of color.  You only need a little to make a lot.  The one block will color up to five lbs of wax...which is quite a lot!  The soy wax smelled nice and melted well and I of course like the essential oils.  I would recommend buying two of these for candles....one smelled nice but I like my candles a bit stronger....I like Yankee Candles...if those are too strong for you then just use one.  If you are using essential oil from another seller you probably just need one but this particular brand from Hobby Lobby I would suggest two!

Once your ready to pour just pour in your molds! and LOVELINESS will follow!
They set up in only an hour...you should wait for 24 hrs for your candles to cure and then enjoy! The colder it is the faster they set up. 

I even had enough left over to make two more candles!


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