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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kat and Co

We have had UNUSUALLY AWESOME January weather right now...which is making me antsy to get all projects that I usually wait for spring to do...like....bring out the spray paint and PAINT something...anything!!! How bout my PIANO??? Yep! I want to...but I think my parents would DIE if I painted the piano that they bought for my sister and I when I was nine and she was...well...she's eight years older:) ANYWAY......so I decided to make another batch of homemade soap...because my first batch was glorious...I was feeling BRAVE....so I tried another recipe...and in short...it was a DISASTER! I tried to revive it by rebatching it...and I'm pretty sure that that was quite possibly the most disgusting thing I have ever tried to revive.  My son even said EWWWW as he passed by....so....in the trash...with my tears it went....so...I will try again this weekend.....with my tried and true recipe and PRAY that it turns out. 

In case you have never taken the time to make soap...and I mean the kind with lye...the kind where you weigh the fats....the kind that takes a painstakingly long amount of time and care and attention...and when it doesn't set up.....and all your hard work is in the trash....you understand why....why.....I needed to go shopping....yes, I know this isn't the complete end of the world.  I have buried a husband after all BUT....it was a bit....depressing....and I needed some time to go shopping at a place where no one could bug me...so here in the wonderful town I live in we have a glorious store where I bought my glorious kitchen/dining/school desk/craft area/game table...yes we love it...and here is another pic of it just in case you forgot about it...I've had it a year now:)

 So, now you know why I needed to go visit my store again...I was in search of an old time fan...found one but not the price i liked....found a few more things that made me smile and just thought I would share them with you.....I adore this picture...I knew just where I would put it and I think it looks wonderful next to my old typewriter that I just got!   That's my new rule for the past two years...if I can't picture where it will go...back on the shelf it goes!

and of course...I'm still loving my coffee filter wreath from this week....

Tomorrow I will be sharing with you another project that my E and I did...and hopefully that was not a failure...will attempt my soapmaking....perhaps this week...SIGH!!

Have a great day!

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