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Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Journey Back

Tomorrow I get to get these out again.... I've missed them something horrible.  I cried when I had to put them away....I didn't even want to look at them...I know, I'm beyond weird...

I know, how many people take pics of their running shoes??? Yep! I do!

It's official I have the ok from the orthopedic surgeon, the chiropracter and I'm ready to start...Day One Week One.  I haven't ran since Oct 22nd when I injured myself during the race and needless to say I'm a bit fearful of returning...

Many have asked..."Why do you run? Perhaps walking or cycling should be your thing?" Now, someday that might have to be my thing....but to understand why I like to run....I guess you kind of have to know me.  First of all...I don't quit easily...Second, I like extremes....I like girly girl things but I also like things in my home with a history, things that are chippy, worn...they have been banged up but still have a beauty to them that something new and shiny just can't ever possess.

When I run my mind is clear, there is no one asking me if I can help them wipe their bottom, there is no one asking me questions, I don't have to take a phone call...its my time, its my time to talk with God, to experience nature, to experience endurance...to push myself way past what I believe I could ever accomplish.  When I'm done the rest of the day seems to go better....I already feel that at 7:45 am I have CONQUERED the world....I feel like yelling " BRING IT ON!"  So, when you watched me stand on the sidelines while my family ran three races without me you have no idea what it took to just STAND there....to not be able to be in the experience of the race.

Now, I am plagued by the thoughts of it happening again...by worrying about injury again....what would I do if it happened again...and of course I'm a little irritated that I have to start all the way at the back of the line...Week One, Day one....run 90 seconds...walk 60 seconds....grr....not this again....but I can walk now with no pain, shave with no wincing, put on socks with no standing by a wall.  I now possess the ability to tell you when its going to rain with 99.9 percent accuracy...and when I see a person on crutches my heart goes out to them as I myself tried to maintain my dignity as people huffed and puffed around me...apparently I took up to much space.

I'm grateful to be back....I'm grateful for walking, for being able to run...to be able to share in this experience with my son....to be able to have great amazing weather to start in this again...tomorrow...it will be me and the treadmill though...I fear snow will be falling before I can go for my usual runs...but I have set my sights on April....for my next 5K and hoping for NO injury!

Have a great day!

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  1. You can do it, Jamie. If we stopped doing everything because we may get hurt in the process, we would never have learned to walk. Think of the amazing things God has out there we can try and yes sometimes get hurt, but each day is a gift from God and allows us to have a great life, and I'm sure God enjoys your talks while you run.