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Monday, January 9, 2012

My Zero Dollar Bathroom FaceLift

I first saw this on Pinterest...which got me thinking.  This little gem of a bathroom is the reason that we bought this house.  Most of the old homes that we looked at did NOT have a bath on the first floor.  My husband's mother is older and cannot climb stairs and we knew that it would be impossible for her to visit without a first floor bath.  Plus, no one wants to send people all the way upstairs to use the other baths....it was just a very nice option.

This is the ONLY room in the house that has not been touched by my paintbrush in the almost four years that we have lived here.  The problem is that this room is VERY small....some of the teenagers laugh at how little the sink is....I love it though....its the perfect size for my E.  So, what do you do with a small bath that sees a lot of traffic from guests??? You guessed it...chalkboard paint!!!!!

I still have half a can left of the chalkboard paint....and it was only one quart.  The mirror I already had...just painted it...the rug was in the kitchen and the accessories were around the house....the only thing I do need to purchase is a plain trashcan..and some more towels...other than that absolutely ZERO dollars.  Now, just have to wait for four days before I write on the wall with chalk...probably something like..."Don't forget to wash your hands!" and  "You look marvelous darling!" Interested in seeing what guests will write....it should be a fun thing to have:) and I really do like the black!

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