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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

School Days

Last night on my facebook page I saw pics of the highschool that I attended from 7th grade to 12th grade.  My sister who is 8 years older than I, went there also, it was our one journey in life that we seemed to do together....it was an old building with no air...except in the cafeteria.  The memories that keep coming to me all night last night....all day today were almost overwhelming. I kept thinking of  the basketball games, the volleyball games.  Seeing my first love...standing by his locker (oh please, I know but seriously I remember).  The yelling of our principal who sometimes forgot that he was not the marines anymore.  Our one home ec teacher (do they even teach that anymore?) who fell out of her chair and I am ashamed to say we all laughed at her and didn't offer to help.  The purple culottes that we had to wear for pe...that when we would run we would bunch them up and hold them to our sides so we could run without flapping....the smell of the cafeteria food as we were running around the school trying not to barf as the smell of "burrito day" would hit us in the face, cheerleading tryouts....the gym where I was forced to hit the birdie into the curtain...again, and again...(I hated pe...oh how I hate you pe)...and now...this place sits in ruins...and all of us....feel a little bit...on the nostalgia side.

Its hard when your growing up...and then all the sudden you realize...my kids are getting older...and just like that...so am I...I'm at the brink of middle age...and then you see the building...and you realize that it...just like you....are caught in this passing of time which can't be stopped...and can't be slowed down...and the memories that linger in those halls...will never fade from those of us...who walked those halls.  Our school was beyond strict, but I'm thankful for it....I'm thankful for it....even with the legalism, the dresses below my knees, the music that was shunned, the high neck collars....I'm still grateful for it...and those of you that didn't walk those halls...can never understand...what it was like to be a Crusader....but for those of us who survived...and can remember the good of it....we are the ones who "get" it...we are the ones...that came from it, with or without scars...and the building like many of us...still stands....worn and tired....but it still stands...and the scripture still on the gym wall...tells the whole story...because...God and God alone is who we serve...not man...and not his/her interpretation of the "law" but God...and even though...I believe that some of the teachings we were brought up painted God in a more "judgemental" way than He really is...I'm still grateful for it...and I'm still glad that I walked those halls....still...

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  1. Well said. So many memories -- good, and well, not so good. Nevertheless, I am thankful as well. Thankful for what I have learned through both the good and bad circumstances. Because of these circumstances, I have such a desire to share with my child who God really is -- not someone my child should dread, but to love and hunger to learn more about. Not to live life to please man, but to please God. Not to say what people want to hear, but to speak from a heart that LOVES God.

    It is so important to learn from both the positive and the negative. We will make our own mistakes, but hopefully there's a few we can avoid. Thank you for the reminder to be grateful.