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Monday, January 9, 2012

Sun Catchers

I needed a project to work! GRACIOUS! I hate failures! All the time and effort and waste of money....GRRRRR!

I first saw these on Pinterest and thought for sure that I could do it with NO PROBLEM! Well, there were a couple of bumps along the way and wanted to share those with you so that you don't make the same mistake!

First of all, ours took about four to five days to dry.  I dried these in a place where my four year old basically forgot about them...which took two days for her to quit asking if they were "ready."

I wish that I would have had the bigger beads but Hobby Lobby didn't really have the clear opaque ones in the bigger beads like I wanted.  You have to have the see through beads...otherwise...the sun...can't "see" through!

Second, the lady didn't specify that you need CLEAR glue...but you do....it will still work but won't be as clear...

Third....my E love BEADS....so after your darling has poured every bead she can onto the cookie cutter mold....take some off...TRUST me on this.

Fourth....we used to much glue...3 out of our 5 designs turned out Perfect....one was less than perfect and the fifth one is still stuck to the wax paper...yep...stuck to the wax paper...that was a FEAT!

Fifth! You had no idea I had so many lessons did you? On day 3 when they are mainly dry but not completely...pull them carefully off of the wax paper and turn them upside down letting the other side completely dry before you try to take them out of the cookie cutter.  The author used mod podge on hers...I'm still just figuring out what mod podge is so I didn't do that but wondering if it would have perhaps "saved" our flower figure???? So, if you would like to add that extra step go ahead!

To begin the project get an old cookie tray...we have one that we paint on, playdoh on etc and then lay wax paper over it.  Allow your little darling or darlings to add beads as they would like...then squeeze the glue on...and let dry....sounds easy???? Not to bad....just patience....it takes patience....but my E thinks they are gloriously BEAUTIFUL and I do say that they add a bit of COLOR to our kitchen:)


This is the bottom side of the mold AFTER I had let it dry for 3 days...turn over and let dry!

Success! Heart, castle and crown! Loveliness!

This is the flower...that turned out less than perfect:(

This is how you should fill the cookie cutter and then put the glue in~

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  1. These look super cute and relatively (ha ha, we'll see about that) easy. Thanks!