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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lotion Bars

Stress.....it comes when we least expect it.  Monday night as my Dad was in emergency surgery for his heart I drove and cried, and prayed, and drove and cried and prayed.  Many songs played on the radio and one song that I can't remember the name of gripped at my heart in such a way...."God is not in fear" the song said...that stopped my worrying heart...God is in control of all...so I drove with peace...and He answered my prayer that my Dad will be with us for awhile longer.

One could say that our family has been through a lot this past week.  My husband's mother passed away Friday night.  My Dad had a heartattack Monday night...and now I'm hearing that my Grandmother who is 96 is not doing well....so one could say that a distraction would be greatly appreciated....sooo, I say all that to say...that after returning home today and cleaning and cooking...I decided to reward myself with a little "fun" project! That's where lotion bars come in!

They were relatively easy and quick to make which is exactly what I needed.  I melted the beeswax in the microwave, measured out the other ingredients and WOW! Adorable lotion bars that me, myself and my E are pretty happy about using!

My lotion bars contain the following ingredients: beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Mango Butter and Cocoa Butter and fragrance! They took an hour to set up! I love them very much!

Tomorrow if there is no more "excitement" I will be making shampoo bars! Have a GREAT day!

Spring Ribbon Trees

Well...to say that life has been crazy here lately would be an understatement...while I was doing these ribbon trees...my father was in the middle of a heart attack...of course, I didn't know that...but indeed that is what was going on.

My Dad is doing well...and will have some serious diet changes but other than that is going to be ok!

I spray painted these terra cotta pots and used foam trees and then cut three different kinds of ribbon in one inch strips and then used straight pins to secure!


You will find these in our store...happily awaiting spring!

Happy Early Spring!